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I have a business on the side..should I include it on my resume

A question from one of our Members this past week to me:

Linda, I have a resume question for you, if you don't mind?  I have, on the side and more of a hobby, a small company.  Really small:  Myself and a 1099 contractor.  For resume purposes, should I include this info?  Realistically, I am President and CEO.  But is that a stretch for a Resume?  It is a real business (LLC), so I am not sure.  What do you think?




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Hello Dave,


If you are interviewing for a full time employee position, especially in sales or a position that they trust you to be working 100% of the time for them from a home office, having a job on the the side is frowned upon.  It is like having a full time career job and a part time job and let's face it, most people want to own their own business and often it has come about due to a hobby or the mere passion of making their own money, their own way (believe me, I understand this, I have owned my own business 3 times; once early in my career, a second time with a business partner, and now currently by myself).  These businesses become our baby and ride first in our mind and thought over even a better paying corporate career job.  If you turned your hobby into a LLC (A Limited Liability Corporate Entity for those not in the know), then your hobby is no longer your hobby; IT IS YOUR BUSINESS!


It will be further frowned upon if you formed this LLC and started doing business WHILE you were working a full time job with your current or prevoius employer (if you are currently unemployed).  Let's face it, to do ANY career type job (that requires a college degree) the expectation is that you have a job that is probably requiring a minimum of 50 hours per week.  Some of you are laughing while you read this who are top Medical Device Sales People or in any form of management...those jobs eat every waking hour of your life and most of your weekends! 


On the other hand, if you are interviewing for a 1099 Job or for a start up company, you may just want to include it on your resume.   Those type of situations love hearty souls who like to make straight commission and put it all on the line.  In that case, your legal title is President and CEO but for resume purposes (especially if you are interviewing for a sales position) your resume risks being missed during the key word search phase by a recruiter.  Even worse, a recruiter pops open your resume, does not look closely enough (gives it our standard 2 second look before passing on it) because they see the title President and CEO and they are looking for someone with a sales background...not a high flying President!


I hope this helps you in your decision.




Linda Hertz

Thanks Linda,


Very insightful and it confirmed my belief.  At this moment, it is a hobby, more as a way to do something "different" than the same old thing.  While I enjoy it, this "hobby" will be short lived as the demand for what I am selling has a limited window of opportunity.


Being President and CEO, sounds good, but your are right.  I am a salesman and that is what i do best.


Thanks again.





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