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Treading the Waters of the Current Job Market as a New College Grad



What are the steps a new college grad  should take to gain employment in the current job market?




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Hello Elyse,

Sorry for the delay on this. Many new college grads are unemployed. I spoke to a Emory University Nurse several weeks ago and those newly out of Nursing School; yes even BSN Registered Nurses are having a hard time finding staff jobs in some areas of the country (San Francisco, Ohio, TX and etc.). So if the experienced Nurses are having a hard time finding a job, what is a Journalism or Communication BA to do?

If you have tried all the traditional routes (like maxing out your College Placement office at your University) and applying to the companies that typically hire the inexperienced from college (like Johnson and Johnson, Gallo Wine, ADP, Enterprise Rental) then time to re-tool:

1) If you can live at home, think about applying to a viable Internship in an area of interest in your field (if you did not do so while in college). It does not pay in $, but gets you back in play and away from sitting at home in front of Facebook all day! Get the part time job you did not want to get after you graduated from college for a little money as you do this. Those internships can result in employment.

2) Get back to school, if you are an Undergraduate who has a general degree (like the one's I mentioned above), then think of applying for a Grant or getting a Loan and get the MBA, Law Degree or professional Degree while you wait for the market to turn around.

3) If you did not do great in the Undergrad Program (under a 3.0) and perhaps entrance into a Masters Program is not the option...then why not? Time for a "re-do" (taken from one of my favorite mid-life crises movies...think Billy Crystal, you would not know at your age Elyse...ask your parents). A "re-do" is getting another 4 year undergrad degree (of which you have already fulfilled the basics courses), but this degree would pass the litmus test of "when I get this degree I will be a _____". Yes, you can fill in the blank exactly because the degree or even diploma is training you for an exact fit and needed job; let me help you....I will be an Accountant, I will be a BSN (or 2 Yr. RN), I will be a Physical Therapist, I wil be a Math Teacher, I will be an Engineer, I will get the picture.

4) Lastly, if all this advice is just plain making you sick....then forget school and start calling (excuse me, Facebooking your friends) and ask them what their parents do for a living...where do they work, is there a chance you could get into their company or introduce you to their Human Resource Department; GET YOUR FOOT IN THE DOOR. Some of those parents have their own business and they may be open to hiring and training you.

5) See if your parents or your friends parents will let you get a Guess Pass to one of their Trade Shows to meet all the vendors...take your resume around to the booth's and start asking what that company does and who can you meet to find out about employment (the Hiring Managers may be in the booth to meet!).

I am sure there are other ideas out there and perhaps you came up with some on your own since you wrote this question and please share with the rest if you have hit pay dirt by now!

All the best and current College Graduates are facing the toughest time out there since the Great Depression, that means even your Baby Boomer Parents and your Grand Parents NEVER faced this type of employment picture before!

So remember that, it is not YOU, it is about the economic some of my other articles on the Blog on how to find all the jobs out there using key word search on the free websites and the Networking article also listed there and just go for it.





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