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The Age Old Question - Quality or Quantity?

Every professional who has been in sales for any length of time has heard the question: Which is better? Quality or quantity of sales calls?” Is there a right answer?

As a sales manager, it’s a no brainer as far as I’m concerned. I’ve always been willing to take a whole bunch of really good calls from all of my representatives! Great quality calls? I love them. The more the merrier!

Ok – you expected that, right?…


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A Job Seeker's Potential Fatal Decision: Using an Outside Recruiter or Applying Directly to the Hiring Company?

You see a job of interest on a Hiring Company Website (like a Covidien or Johnson and Johnson) and you quickly apply to the position. A few days later an Independent Recruiter calls you on that same position and you are astounded that they cannot present you to the hiring manager for the very job you applied for on the company website. In fact, you may NEVER be presented to that company by an Independent Recruiter now that you applied directly to their…


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Three Milestones on the Path to a Successful Sale

This weekend my wife and I led a small group hike to a waterfall and pool where the kids in our group could play. Although we had been there before, before we left we checked with the Rangers to ensure we could find the small trail to the waterfall. The Ranger warned us to watch carefully because the path was overgrown and difficult to see.

Sometimes it can feel like you’re on a wilderness hike in your selling efforts. Take heart, because when you know…


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Are Your Customers Remembering You?

Being memorable, for the right reasons, is key to your success. Have you really stopped to think about who remembers you… and why? If not, you should.

Years ago, I ran across a newspaper article that dealt with memory and why people remember things. The author commented that while people may not remember specifics about another person or a conversation, they will remember how they felt about that person or the conversation. That stuck with me because I…


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No Sales Background, Mid-Career, but want Medical How?

I received a question from one of our Members this past week:

" have been considering a move to the Medical Sales world. While researching this possibility, I have noticed that most companies require a minimum of 2 years sales experience. I have solid clinical experience, primarily in sports medicine. My question is, does anyone have any recommendations or avenues…


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Two Magic Words That Sell

Don’t you love magic words? Remember the cartoons where the main character would stand in front of the cave and say dramatically “open sesame!” The hidden entrance would suddenly appear as the door opened to reveal all the treasures inside.

Unfortunately “open sesame" or "abracadabra” has never worked in my experience. However, there are some magic words that have worked wonderfully well. The two magic words are “fair” and “reasonable.”

The key to…


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Hidden Objections - Are They Bogging You Down?

There are many techniques designed to handle the objections you inevitably face. You can counter price objections and you can overcome misinformation or misunderstandings. Those are the common, garden variety objections. What about the most insidious of objections – the hidden objection?

You may be asking yourself if you’ve encountered a hidden objection before. Yes you have! If you have been selling for any length of time in a medical environment, you…


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