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Medical Device Sales 105


The 5Es to Extraordinary Results Selling Medical Devices

1.      Easy- Is your device easy to use?  Will the learning curve be short?  Doing business with you and your company must be painless.  One of your biggest obstacles is getting physicians to change so do not discount it.  Tip: If they see a need and it’s easy to use (saves time and effort), your success rate just increased…


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Customer Service = Brand

The past few weeks have been an interesting experience and a lesson in terms of “what good does not look like” in the wonderful world of customer service.  Here is the situation.  I am in the midst of trying to move some retirement $ around and have been doing so for the better part of 3 weeks.  Let’s be more specific.  I want to do business with this particular company and they will not call me back.…


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Medical Device 104

What goes through the mind of a medical device sales rep once they arrive at a hospital?

• Sign into the hospital (i.e. materials management, security, purchasing, (OR) front desk etc….)? Are my credentials up to date? (REPtrax, Vendor Mate, VendorClear etc…)

• Notify the charge nurse, team leader, or circulating nurse that I will be attending the following cases?

• Have a conversation with surgeon and staff before case to discuss product usage and placement.… Continue

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Medical Device Sales 103

10.   Things are never as bad as they seem. (Nor as perfect)  Keep grinding, smiling and prospecting!

9.   Don’t spend so much time trying to be liked by everyone in the (OR) and offices.  It is important to be liked but it is as important to be respected by your customers too.  Are you adding value?  Keep asking yourself that question.…


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Medical Device Sales 102

1.     Thou shalt not covet specific surgeons.  Too many reps get fixed on winning specific accounts/hospitals that they become emotionally attached. You hinge all of  your hopes and dreams on that…one…surgeon/hospital.  Here’s a tip: don’t. Think instead about your overall territory’s quality. “Build it will right and it will come”.…


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Some keys for success selling medical devices in the (OR)

Selling anything can be difficult enough but selling medical devices used in the operating room can be brutal.  The easy part is often learning the anatomy and the procedural data.  It gets tricky trying to find your place in this vast ecosystem without a GPS and actually applying what you have learned in training.  I have compiled a collection of proven tactics that have helped numerous sales reps stand out in the crowd.


10. Be prepared for some “push back” about your…


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Girl Scout Cookies

This past weekend, I had the good fortune of spending 3 hours with my eight year old daughter at the local mall.  This trip was different because our mission was to sell Girl Scout cookies.  I have sold many things in my life but never Girl Scout cookies.  What happens before we arrive is where the story gets interesting.  I could not help but notice her preparation for the day.  She got up early, did a quick inventory of her supplies and…


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Luke Skywalker

If you spend a day with a highly accomplished medical sales person then you are probably going to hear that one of their primary drivers for success is cultivating surgeon relationships.  It is a rather obvious point but there is certainly more to this story. You will hear such things as “champion, KOL, thought leader, advocate, race horse, Big Dog and a host of other terms of endearment.


They will tell you that they possess the unique ability to…


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If you talk to any medical sales rep and ask them which thing they dread most about their jobs, you will probably hear field rides with their manager.  I had a conversation last week with a lad who used to work for me to discuss his disdain for the entire field ride process at his company.  He was depressed just thinking about spending the next 3 days in the car with his manager.  He went on and on about his micromanagement style, his inability to…


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The next one!

I have not had much success selling people stuff they did not want or need.  When I sold in the high-tech space, I had much more success with companies and individuals who had a need for the solution that I was selling.  When selling medical devices, I had my best results with surgeons who had a sincere interest in my products that enhanced the quality of care for their patients.  I was not a private detective but I began to see a pattern. 

If this makes sense to you thus far, then it…


Added by Devin Hughes on February 7, 2011 at 6:00pm — 1 Comment

Without discomfort there is no growth

Most would agree that our economy is still not in the greatest shape.  The healthcare market is still going through some major changes.  Many hospitals are cutting back on services, reducing the number of vendors and slashing costs.  I think you might agree that there is certainly less low hanging fruit right now in many instances and you may have to work on your vertical leap to land a new customer.   It always helps if…


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"Secret Sauce"

Several years ago, I had the pleasure of hearing the current co-CEO of SAP, Bill McDermott, speak at a Selling Power leadership conference.  I left with a few take aways that have stuck with me. He is a young guy, full of energy, who speaks from the heart and someone who you can tell just flat-out gets it.  He took over SAP at a time when it was losing market share to Oracle and employee morale was at an all time low.  It was during his speech that I began to think of just how critical… Continue

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Endangered Species

The wonderful world of the “rock-star” medical device sales rep is in danger of becoming extinct.  For those of you still knee-deep in the industry and in a current state of denial, please bear with me as I share with you your demise.  Some of you are probably waiting around for the next “hot thing” or that start-up paying big $ and promising you that they are going IPO.  In the interim, you are at your third company in the last five years walking a round like a…


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