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8 Secrets to Picking a Sales Job That is a Career Rocket to Big Bucks!

You just graduated from College and you heard that getting into outside sales is the way to make some good money and the more you sell, the more you make.  IF you pick the right company, those words are true!  In fact, getting into a solid entry level sales position can lead you into some industry or market segments that could eventually place you in a sales job with the ability to make well over $300,000 a year or more!  You must pick a job that is a Career Rocket, not one that will have you earth bound forever!  So does that new job prospect or your current job have the 8 Characteristics to shoot you to the stars with a better job landing? (Boy do I love the corn in this Blog..sorry!).  

If you are already in a sales job and having a tough time getting into the big buck sales jobs, then stay with me and read on; perhaps you will learn why the road has been difficult and you are just not getting a lift off!

The key to eventually earning big sales dollars is directly tied to picking the right entry level sales job, with the right companyA company that offers you what you need to build your career to those higher level paying jobs when it is time to look for a new one.  It's like picking the right college, some colleges are just recognized as being better at preparing their students for a given occupation or area of study .  Same is true of companies, some are just recognized in the industry as producing some of the best employees out there and after some time and top sales performance, other companies want to run out and hire them!  So what set's these companies and their jobs apart from others in the area of sales? 


8 Characteristics Of A Career Rocket Sales Job

  1. The Company is National or International in scope,sound financially and is nationally recognized by most people in the industry or by the general public. (Think Paychex, ADP, Johnson and Johnson and etc.)
  2. The Company provides a comprehensive Sales Training Program; at least a formal 4 week sales training program with ongoing training and support throughout the first year of employ and beyond.  The best companies offer a 6 month to a one year training program.  ALL of them have some training at headquarters.
  3. The Company provides formal 6 month or yearly Performance Reviews and YOU GET COPIES.
  4. You have your own territory and you are solely responsible for the sales, your efforts and your efforts alone.
  5. You are paid a base pay, PLUS an uncapped monthly Sales Commission Plan tied to monthly sales increases. (Straight commission is good too, but a rough way to go starting out in your first sales job! That said, those sales reps. are desired too).
  6. You have MEASURABLE monthly, quarterly and yearly sales quotas.
  7. You get monthly or quarterly and definitely YEAR END sales reports with NATIONAL sales rankings.
  8.  The company has a National Top Sales Recognition Program; Quota Awards and top NATIONAL Sales Awards (like a Presidents Awards, Emerald Club Award or etc.).  Best if they offer significant expensive Award Trips for the top winners.

These 8 characteristics must be inherently part of your job search, even if you have to change sales jobs to get it for less money.  You are picking a company that provides you the fuel you need to receive the best sales training, sales accountability, performance markers and yes DOCUMENTATION that proves you are a sales star (OK...rocket, stars, fuel...getting to be a little too much, right?).

If you are interviewing for your first sales job out of college or perhaps the second one out of college and that new job has these 8 Characteristics, it's a good bet you should take it regardless of the money offered.  Why?  Because they are paying you to work in a professional environment and to receive the education and training you need to be a great sales person and to prove it to others (documentation for a Brag Book).  It's building the foundation to rocket your sales career to the stratosphere in a few years IF you excel and get the sales awards!  Hey!  What a deal! They are paying you to learn and, if you perform, setting you up to make even more money within the same or other higher paying industry or company who wants experienced and proven sales professionals!

Some of you paid a whole lot of money to receive an education in College with no guarantees of getting a job that can pay back the loans or give you a solid ROI (Return On Investment)!  So this first job should not just be about the money!  Again, it is about choosing a solid company that provides excellent training with direct, measurable outside sales responsibility and documented sales performance.  It is about picking a job that is a career rocket and has the engine to shoot you to higher levels of income and career advancement possibilities, as long as you have the ability and drive to become a top sales star!  Once you have that, the sky is truly not the limit!

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