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This is our April Newsletter issued the last Friday of each month. Welcome to our NEW Members and Happy Birthday to the Linda Hertz Group!  We did a soft launch of the site one year ago today!  We now have over 1,060 Members and thank you for spreading the word! 

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Sales Rep. Corner & Leadership

  • The A.I.D.I.N.C. Process, Brian K. Horban, "Today I would like to discuss a simple approach to the sales process for anyone that may be struggling or new to the field...."
  • Girl Scout Cookies, Devin Hughes,"...I have sold many things in my life but never Girl Scout cookies.  What happens before we arrive is where the story gets interesting.  I could not help but notice...."
  • Some Keys for Success Selling Medical Devices in the (OR) , Devin Hughes, "...Selling anything can be difficult enough but selling medical devices used in the operating room can be brutal.....I have compiled a collection of proven tactics that have....."
  • Medical Device Sales 102, Devin Hughes, "...1.     Thou shalt not covet specific surgeons.  Too many reps get fixed on winning specific accounts/hospitals that they become emotionally attached. You hinge all of  your hopes and dreams on ..."
  •  Healthy Eating on the Road,  Sara Gahman, "How much care did you put into the food you ate today?  Was it more or less than the care you put into your job?  If the answer was “less”, it may be time to...."
  • Medical Device Sales 103, Devin Hughes, "Things are never as bad as they seem..nor as perfect..."
  • Medical Device 104, Devin Hughes, "What goes through the mind of a medical device sales rep once they arrive at a hospital?......
  • How To Get Around the Gatekeeper, Ellyse Lamon, PLEASE ADD YOUR COMMENTS GROUP TO Ellyse's Blog..she wants feedback on this...HOW DO YOU get around the Gatekeeper?
  • Customer Service = Brand, Devin Hughes, "...The past few weeks have been an interesting experience and a lesson in terms of "what good does not look like" in the wonderful world of customer service.  Here is the situation...."
  • Medical Device Sales 105, Devin Hughes, The 5 E's to extraordinary Resulting Selling Medical Devices..."


  • It's About Family, Anita Onarecker Wood, "Not long ago I visited a Chevrolet dealership in downtown Houston, speaking with a fleet salesperson. He began our conversation telling me how his family doctor died that day, and proceeded to share his grief and..."
  • Good Word - Hope, Anita Onarecker Wood, "Not only is hope a good word, but it is a life-saving word. Hope is vital to well-being. In order to glean the most from this...."
  • He Will Make A Way: Suggestions For Living, Anita Onarecker Wood, "Are you at an impasse?  Have you come to a place where there seems no way out? You can’t go back, and you cannot see what’s ahead?...."
  • Life Becomes Clear, Anita Onarecker Wood, "What would you do if you knew it was your last week to live?..."

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