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My Medical Device Sales Career

Are people really getting jobs in pharmaceutical/medical sales? How?

Do you feel the resumes you submit on-line go into a black hole? Have you tried to figure out what you could be doing differently?  What are others doing to get interviews that you don’t know about?

Searching for jobs is no longer a passive endeavor.  The market has changed dramatically over the last few years.  In the past, companies looked for reasons to include candidates, now they seek reasons to EXCLUDE candidates. 

Each candidate experiences obstacles at different points in the search process; identify your obstacle and correct or alter that element of your search.  If one step is not working, you will never make it to the next level.

  • Not finding jobs to submit to.  Move away from being dependent on job boards and work to understand the industry on a broader level.
  • Resume submissions – not receiving responses.  Possible issues:  The resume itself (poorly written or formatted, not relaying relevant skills as they relate to the job, hard to read), The submission process (only submitting through web portals, 100% dependent on job boards, dependent on recruiters but have no industry experience).
  • Phone Screens – not making it to face to face interviews.  Possible issues:  Not understanding the reasons for the questions HR is asking, talking too much, asking transactional or irrelevant questions that an HR person cannot answer, being needy and over closing.
  • Get stopped after first face to face interview.  Possible issues:  Not managing the process, not understanding what a specific company needs from a candidate for a particular job, being overly dependent on a brag book or presenting at the wrong time, asking poorly thought out or transactional questions, not being concise and direct with closing.
  • Making it to final interviews but no offers.  Much of the above applies, but if you are frequently told that “they went with an internal candidate, they went with someone that had sold similar products or you weren’t in the right area for the territory”, there is an underlying issue you most likely need to explore with your interview answers.

Feel free to contact me with your specific job search questions or for a FREE resume critique, please reference the Linda Hertz Group  in the subject line and E-mail directly to: Thank you!

By Elizabeth Danford, Resume Writer and Candidate Advocate. Why not follow me on Linkedin today?

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