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Best Job Boards for Medical Sales? It's a jungle out there!

Have you found it difficult to know exactly what Job Board(s) rule? Should you should plunk money down for more than one? Even just 5 to 8 years ago you would have had a small selection of Job Resource to tap into; Monster, Career Builder and maybe just one main niche Job Board.

Now, in the Medical Sales Sector, there are tons of websites to find jobs and not many people know which ones are the Kings of the jungle.

Here are the *broad categories:

  • Niche Job Boards
  • Large Job Boards
  • Aggregate Job Boards
  • Social Network Job Board (think Linkedin and now Facebook)
  • Recruiter Job Boards

They are all vying for your attention. It is a Jungle out there! There are so many sites that it has become very confusing and I believe people are choking on information overload; let me clear the Job Board Jungle for you!

First of all, don't fall for the pitch that a given Job Board has "exclusive jobs", NO JOB BOARD HAS EXCLUSIVE JOBS!

All hiring companies and recruiters want to get as much exposure as possible to their jobs, so we post on two or more boards and the magic of the Aggregate Job Boards takes it from there, and organizes them all for you!

So I suggest the following if you want a quick way to check out all the jobs on any given day without buying any Job Boards at all, to maybe just one! Sounds like a deal, right? It is.

Before we get started, I will share with you why I know so much about Job Boards; I started one several years ago with a business partner. At that time there were only two niche Medical Sales Job Boards. After the Aggregate Job Boards started up we could quickly see we were losing the edge we never really had. So what did we do? Well if you can't lick e'm you join e'm!

We turned our niche medical sales job board into a direct posting board AND an aggregate Job Board by partnering with So pulls medical sales and related jobs down from Indeeds site nightly AND we have direct posted jobs too. I co-own it and it is let me get that out of the way and I am biased about Aggregate Job Boards. All that said, the following is YOUR best Job Search tactic:

  1. Use at Least one Aggregate Job Board in your search
  2. Select the most popular "closed Job Board" (that does not allow an aggregater to tap into it)

Yep, that is it. I plan to write articles about each *broad category above for those of you who just want to know more about each category!

I would add that was bought by a large company a couple of years ago and it is more expensive to use now and they have clearly grown to dominate the Medical Sales Market, BUT still, they do not have exclusive jobs (most you can find on the Aggregate sites). So feel free to keep your money in your pocket and still conduct an effective job search!

You see, not all Job Boards rule.....make sure you find the King and Queen of the Jungle and not mess with the rest!

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