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Blog Byte: Where Did All The Medical Sales Jobs Go This Month?

I knew something was up last Friday when MedReps offered a promotion for Recruiters to post more jobs.  Yes, they emailed us about a drawing for all Recruiters who posted a job that day and we could win $200 bucks (or something like that).  We had to have it posted quickly because they were having the drawing the following Monday (this week).  HURRY's going fast!

I passed on the opportunity, I did not have a new job to post and guess what?  I doubt many other recruiters did either!  This has been the slowest job market ever right now, even worse than last year!  Don't get me wrong, this is a slow time for new jobs anyway (other than in the pre-stock crash days when we would have HUGE job expansion projects). We now have hit a new low, the leading medical sales job board,, pushing Recruiters to post know what that encourages? Recruiters posting bogus jobs or re-writing and duplicating older jobs that are already posted!


I then thought, "Wow, times have really changed".  You see in the old days, MedReps would BUST a recruiter if they duplicated a job post to bump up their incoming resumes to their data base.  I had to check this out further!


I logged into MedReps and hit the ALL jobs button a couple of days ago (again after the promotion), ONLY 7,400 jobs posted on the leading medical sale board!  Yep, only 7,400 Medical Sales and Clinical Support jobs open in the whole United States, when you back out maybe a thousand or two thousand jobs due to Recruiter "Hocus Pocus" to win the drawing (yes, Recruiter's will jump on $200 bucks like it was $2,000 bucks in this environment)...well need I say more?


Will the jobs pick up after the holidays?  Not sure, but I will keep you posted. 

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