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Dumb Costly Mistake? Completing On-Line Job Applications Not Knowing This!

Please don't get upset if you have done this costly mistake when applying to jobs On Line!  Recently I have noticed an increasing number of Job Candidates who were interested in my open positions, but had no idea if they had applied directly to the Hiring Companies website!  I simply asked, "How can you NOT know if you applied directly to a hiring companies website?"  The reply I get back was, "Well, I go on Google or Indeed and the Job Post takes me directly to another area and I just start completing the Job Application, so I am not sure."  

WHAT?  You are applying for a Job, uploading your resume and inputting confidential information that sometimes includes your Social Security Number into a job application database and you have no idea who the recruiter is or the company you are applying to?  Please, please stop doing this for several reasons:

  1. To prevent you from giving confidential information to a possible bogus job posting by a person or group of people that do not have your best interest in mind (and you know what I mean).
  2. On a lighter note, you should ALWAYS keep track of who you are sending your resume to; Independent Recruiters, Company Representatives and Direct Hiring Companies Job Postings so you won't hurt your chances of being considered for a viable job opening (The "why" is explained further below).

So let's say you have not blindly been applying to random jobs with "unknown individuals", but you have been applying to well known Recruiters and Hiring Companies but you have not kept track.  What's wrong with that, right?  Well a whole lot if an Independent Recruiter has called you for a sales job (let's use Stryker as an example). You tell the recruiter that you are not sure if you applied directly.  The Recruiter may not tell you this, but they will probably pass on you and not bother sending your resume into the hiring company.  Remember, they only get paid if you are a NEW PERSON to Stryker's database and you get the job.  The Recruiter is not going to send your resume into Stryker to help them find their own candidate in their huge database (one they probably never would have found in their own database anyway) and risk not getting paid for all their hard work.  

Another scenario can also happen if you are not sure if applied directly and you tell the Independent Recruiter that you never applied to the company directly; the Recruiter sends your paperwork into the company and HR get's back to them saying this, "Sorry, that candidate is already in our database.  What is wrong with the candidate that they would lie about it?  Let's just pass on him, this speaks to a possible integrity issue." Believe me, this happens!  

If a Recruiter has a great relationship with the hiring client and has been placing top people for years with the hiring company and hiring manager, they are going to trust that recruiter!  They have an ongoing business relationship and the bottom line is this: The Job Candidate DOES NOT MOVE FORWARD and it is noted in both parties database (especially the recruiters) that the candidate is a PASS if another job open's up, even with another company!  The candidate isn't worth the work or worry.  You can see all Maximizing Your Recruiter Experience articles to help you as you conduct your job search.

A few quick checks can greatly improve your success rate working with Independent Recruiters and Hiring Companies alike.

Job Application Rules That Can Lead To Getting The Interview AND Protecting Your Personal Information

  1. Never apply to Job Postings where the Recruiter has not Identified who they are!  Do not respond to generic or  Come on!  Who is that?  Using an email address like that?  My resume collection email is and most credible sources have the domain name identify who they are (in this example, NOT,, Aol,com).
  2. Make sure you can find that recruiter's website and their Linkedin Profile too on that Job Post.  Ok, here is my self promotion, but you get the point: my website is and my Linkedin Profile is  If you can't find the Recruiter anywhere on the web, then who are they?
  3. If you decide you want to take THE RISK OF APPLYING DIRECTLY to a hiring companies large "black hole" directly, then at least make sure you keep track of which companies, Divisions and the Job Title you are applying to prevent you from getting caught in the scenario I outlined above.  Please do read the article I linked to this no. 3 segment too, it is still valid today.
  4. Do remember who the Independent Recruiters are that you are sending your paperwork. Please note that a Recruiter should NEVER send your resume directly to a hiring company without calling you first to get permission.  Once they submit your name to the hiring company, you are more than likely stuck with that recruiter!  You are placed in the hiring companies database as that recruiters candidate for 6 months to a year.  The hiring company makes your resume theirs and they will not pay the Recruiter if they hire you after the expiration  period.  Who said it was easy being an Independent recruiter?

Just remember that many Job Postings are legit ones posted by Independent Recruiters and Hiring Companies alike, you just need to make sure that you apply to those real opportunities vs. those of an Opportunist! If a Company or a Recruiter will not identify who they are and it becomes impossible to cross check them via the means I explained above, then you NEED TO TAKE A PASS!  Go ahead and move on to someone who is willing to provide you the information BEFORE you apply!  It is just a Smart Move to make and it will prevent you from making some dumb costly mistakes!


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