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Ever Work For A Turkey? Being Thankful In A Different Way

I decided to recycle last years message since it was a big hit; Thanksgiving is this week and a Turkey will be center stage!  I have a habit of never writing short blogs, but this may be the beginning of me changing that up a little bit. Thanksgiving is perhaps one or our purest holidays that has been largely left alone from commercialization by our American Culture; why do you think we now get Christmas stuff jammed down our throats before Halloween?  What's there to buy at Thanksgiving other than perhaps a bouquet of flowers for the dinner table and of course, the Turkey!  This one Holiday is perhaps one of the best, all Americans celebrate it regardless of religious background and it's meaning is pure; to give thanks and be thankful for our friends and family (hopefully most of them) and to reflect on what we have on that special day even if it is less than what we have had in the past.  It is truly a wonderful unadulterated American holiday.  

It is really hard to get one's thoughts where they need to be on Thanksgiving if you have another Turkey that is central to your life EVERY DAY; your boss!  When your boss is a Turkey, it can make your life hell, especially if you have to see them every day in an office or retail environment (yes, I am expanding my reach here beyond medical sales)!  You are sitting at that Thanksgiving table just thankful you don't have to look at their face today and trying to push them out of your mind and, unless you work in retail, you will not see them on Black Friday and really another two days after that! Wow, now you are starting to feel really thankful and that may just be the point.  

It may be fleeting, but be thankful for what you have today, even if today isn't so good. As I type this, I remember a Thanksgiving long ago in 1991, sitting in the Cancer Wing Waiting Room in Detroit Receiving Hospital with my Father and two Aunts eating cold turkey sandwiches we packed earlier in brown paper bags.  My 58 year old Mother was down the hall in her room dying from Ovarian Cancer and the smell of food made her even more sick.  My Aunt pulled the sandwiches out of the paper bag in that empty dingy waiting room and simply said, in a very hushed tone, "Happy Thanksgiving Everyone."  We collectively smiled sadly as we looked into each others eyes and even in that place, and in that moment we shrugged our shoulders, wiped away the tears and said in unison, "at least we are ALL together TODAY" now let's eat and go back to be with her.

I talk to people every day that WISH they worked for a Turkey because they don't have a job, many for a long time. If you do have a Turkey for a boss, be thankful that he or she is not sitting at your Thanksgiving table and that you do have a job to go to on Monday.  Let's be Thankful for what we have today, even if you are still looking for work and would be grateful to have a Turkey for a boss.  


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Comment by Linda Hertz on November 23, 2011 at 12:12pm

Thanks Laura!   You are my biggest fan!  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving too.  I start these Blogs and I never quite know what I am going to write, other than a general theme and I am so happy you enjoyed this. 

Take care my friend!

Comment by Laura C Blandford on November 23, 2011 at 10:55am

Great blog article Linda.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!


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