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He Wants A Mid-Career Change with Resume Issues! Can He Do It?

I received a question from my public blog posts concerning mid career changes from Tom. After responding to it, I thought I would share it. This is tough one and if anyone would like to add their opinions as to what there answer would be...please feel to share your experience or opinion. This is my take:








Hello Linda,

I will like to briefly describe you my personal background, and maybe you can give me some advices that could be very useful to penetrate effectively in the medical sales arena.
I have a 4 year college degree (BBA in finance) with a scholarship as tennis player in NCAA division 1. Have about 6 years in sales (started with mortgages and now doing medicare/insurance sales), in which I have been awarded two years in a row with circle of excellence (2006-2007) top 1 sales producer. Currently No. 8 sales rep in Texas among 60 reps….Disadvantage I may come across is that I have worked in 5 different companies in the last 6 years; But there are reasons behind it, such as (Evacuating the State of Florida due to Natural disaster “Hurricane Wilma”, Financial crisis in the U.S producing massive laid off in the departments I worked for. Thanks god, I was not affected by it). I really have the potential required to become very successful but I need some tips to implement in my strategy to obtain interviews. Tom

Linda Hertz
2010/07/03 at 6:13 pm | In reply to TOM.

Forgive the delay in my response to your question. You have accomplished a great deal and the financial crises and mother nature has taken its’ toll on your career path no doubt! Recruiters and hiriing managers look through resumes VERY QUICKLY due to the sheer volume of resume’s the pour in for a given position. With that in mind, you will have 2 things that may possibly have them just open and close your resume from their computer screen and move on:

1). You are not from an industry that medical sales company typically hire from (Mortgages and Insurance Sales). There are reasons for this that are a whole other blog topic! So for purposes here, you do not have the right background.
2). You have 5 jobs out of 6 years and remember: recruiters scan a resume in seconds and will not digest or care for the reasons why someone has so many jobs (sad, but true).

Remember in this market you are competing against resume’s that do not reflect these 2 issues, even in a good medical sales job market you would be faced with challenges’. So the question may become, “what can I do to have my resume begin to reflect the qualities medical sales companies look for when they review backgrounds”. The answer to that will require you to realize it will take some work, thought and TIME.

What is difficult is that I would normally suggest you stay in your current position for at least 4 years to show stability and continue to win top awards, on the other hand you would continue to build your career in the wrong direction, putting time in the wrong industry! A conundrum no doubt!

That said, you are going to have to recreate and rebuild your career path from scratch if you truly want to get into the Medical Sales Arena…copier sales my friend. See if a copier company will overlook all the jobs or see into the reasons why and begin a “do over”. You are going to have to invest up to 4 years pounding out the sales and winning top awards….then transverse and begin to interview into companies that hire Business to Business for their Medical Sales Positions. There is a risk, I don’t know your age…if you find that when you complete this process you are 40 years old…..well maybe not the best strategy.

It is difficult to rebuild, but one can do it with fortitude and persistence (watch Pursuit of Happyness with Will Smith as the leading actor). Whatever you do, DO NOT BLOW your money on those RMSR or whatever the alphabet Medical Sales Training workshops for people outside the industry. Not one of my 91 Employers cares about those stupid programs…keep your money in your pocket!

All the best to you and after careful evaluation you may decide that a different career path may be best for you where you can build off your excellent performance in intangible btob sales….is there another career path where you can stay in your current job, gain some tenure, establish stability in your resume which would lead to another career that values your current background? I am thinking of a Fidelity or other Financial institution who would love your background and actually pay for your additional training and licensing while on the job? Just a thought.


All the best to you and stay in touch!


To Readers...was this the right advice?

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