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HOGWASH! 9% Unemployment Rate? If you worked ONE day last year..YOU are employed!

Are we done with layoffs in the Pharma Industry or even the Medical Sales industry in general?  Here is an update; Abbott laid off 1900 people two weeks ago...combo of Sales People and assorted others...some with over 16 years of award winning performance.  Also two weeks ago Convatec (now owned by a Private Equity Group...alarm, alarm...that is your first sign of no job security...when your firm is purchased by a Private Equity Group!)...they laid of 35 to 40 people..mostly sales I hear.  It was also reported to me another company laid off another 300 people at Quintiles...numerous others did report to me last week that a number of Specialty pharma was laid off too!! 


Couple this with the 9% unemployment report issued last week and only 36,000 new jobs added..yes, 36,000 nationwide and YET unemployment went DOWN?!!  Yep, everyone is happy because the national Unemployment number was reduced from approx. 9.4% or so to 9%!  So what gives?  THIS gives; consider the following:

  1. I heard that someone pulled a paycheck for ONE DAY, yes ONE DAY...and they were not counted as unemployed in the 9% stats.  
  2. If you ran out of unemployment insurance..nope you can't you are considered NOT unemployed now and not part of the 9%!  Wow..that is weird aren't counted anymore.  Doesn't that make you feel great? 
  3. If you are working a 1099 job because you could not get a "regular" full benefits are employed.
  4. If you are working at a part time are considered fully employed.


What does that all mean?  "hogwash" as my Irish Grandmother would say!  9% is more liked 18% unemployment is what I am guessing...and that is not adding all those that are employed who found new jobs making up to 40% less than their old jobs...simply HOGWASH!  I say why don't they cover up the situation a little more by putting red lipstick on that pig too after the wash!


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Comment by Michael Malloy on February 17, 2011 at 4:37pm


You have captured what most the county is not aware of. The numbers game is a disgrace.


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