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How Do Those Resume Blaster Services Work? Being Straight Up On This One!

This was an excellent question that was sent to me by one of our new Members last week.  They saw the  at the top of our website and wanted to know what that is all about.  So let me share with you a couple of things, there are a number of Medical Device Resume blaster type services out there, the only one I prefer and like is the and their companion ( ).  They are owned by the same people and is THE best resume blaster service out there in my opinion. 

To fully disclose my position, I am an affiliate of theirs and by posting their banner on my site and any reference links, I make a small amount IF you order their service via ANY links on my site or blog article.  The amount?  Think a refreshment at Starbucks (in other words, I am not retiring on it..not even close!).  Now this service does not cost YOU any more or any less if you go directly to their site or if you decide to order through me.  Need to disclose that, so now let me share with you why I pick them over the other services.  Trust me on this, I get a number of companies that want me to endorse their services on my site and I won't let them.  I don't mind advertising a service, but it has to be something I believe in, not just a vehicle to make a few dollars with affiliation money! 

So now let me share with you how these services work.  I am going to keep this article for Members Only because I am going to give you a straight up opinion and experience I had with one of the other resume services. 



  • They make their money by charging you, the Job Seeker, for their services.  They charge different amounts for one blast vs. multiple blasts and also a STAT priority blast.  The recruiters get the resumes for free and I will write an updated article this week called: How To Make The Most Of A Resume Blaster Service.
  • They all promise that recruiters ONLY get the resumes.  I believe MedicalDeviceResume Blaster/Pharmaresumeblaster does take caution to make sure we are all recruiters receiving the resumes (they have an approval process), that can never be 100% certain, but at the same time I have never heard of a problem since my affiliate status with them since 2005.


So on the surface they all do that, Resume Rabbit, MedMarketConnect and a host of others, but let me explain to you the situation I experienced earlier this year.  I use to receive a very small quanitity of resumes from MedMarketConnect (very small in comparison to MedicalDeviceResumeBlaster), but I would still open the resume's, or better put, try to open the resumes to put them into my data base.  Hence was the problem, I could not open probably 25% of them do to some funky formatting issues (again, this problem was ONLY WITH MedMarketConnect). 

I started emailing the candidates back, indicating I could not read their resume document and to send me a word doc. directly....100% of the time they got right back to me and were upset.  They paid good money and no one else let them know they could not read what was sent, in many cases a simple word document is what they sent and yet the service was converting it to something unreadable!

Many would get back to me and say, "Thank you"!  That is not the end of the story for me; Guess what?  The owner of the MedMarketConnect Blaster service must not have been too happy with me...after about the 10th person calling in over the course of the past year, he cut me off from the service!  How about that for being concerned that people get value for their money!  Some of these people were unemployed and every dollar counted!

So thank you to the Member who asked me about the service I promote, over 7 years 100% of the resumes come in and 100% are formatted properly and fit into my data base for now or future calls.  Some of you know this, because I called two of you today when you shot me your resume via initiated from my site).  One of you told me that you recieved 6 calls alone today from your blast!  I can't promise that type of activity for everyone, but he did live in Los Angeles and he had a nice resume.  Simply put, the RIGHT BLASTER service works for the RIGHT PEOPLE.  Who are the right people?  I will include that in the next Article How To Make The Most Of A Resume Blaster Service. Again, you get the best results IF your are the RIGHT JOB CANDIDATE for this type of service and that article is forthcoming this week! 

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