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Leading through transitions might feel like you are walking on a "tight rope"

Today's leader requires a very flexible and adaptive approach in guiding and developing their teams and organization while simultaneously creating a positive and safe environment. This is important to retain top talent, maintain a competitive edge and grow.

Leaders who begin to incorporate a diverse set of experts from the varied ages and employee levels will have a greater chance of success than those who continue to use higher level executives only to create new best or next practices in their organization.

The most innovative companies have begun to include multiple disciplines for creative input, not just on solutions to present dilemmas but also to new endeavors.

Tapping into the vast knowledge pool offers the kind of thinking and creativity needed for strategies that are competitive and resilient for the turbulence that will become common for the next few years.

We haven’t hit a threshold where we can “settle” into a routine and expect normalcy. Instead it is critical for a company’s success to put a plan in place that allows for rapid deployment of alternative strategies to the ways things have been done in the past.

By tapping into the new knowledge in their organizations, seeking help from knowledgeable sources outside of their organization and remaining flexible, new leaders in similar organizations will emerge. The ones who are sitting on the fence and not investing in their future can be sure the dust will settle around them.

Now is the time to be changing things, determining what will work to attract new business and high caliber employees as well as those capable of leading in this future focused environment. There is richness available to companies today never before available. Combining the knowledge of boomers with the other two generations working today makes for a very fertile environment to solve today’s complex problems and creates new strategies to take them through new challenges and periods of calm.

An extensive article from 2006 entitled “Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce” offers additional wisdom, insight, and relevant strategies. It showed up today in CIO Updates, I’d say this continues to be a “hot topic”!

Till next time,

By Kathy Holdaway

Originally Posted February 9 2010 - the date the 2006 article above reposted.

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