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What would you do if you knew it was your last week to live? When I read this question, it stimulated my thoughts and imagination.

As I write, it is the week prior to Easter Sunday. Easter is a worldwide religious holiday that has been overtaken with bunnies, colored eggs and family celebrations of springtime. Think of why we celebrate. Something happened that we now commemorate. Someone died, and rose from the dead, and now we honor that one day each year.

The events of this week, those many years ago, were not a time of celebration… It was a week of challenges and heartache. Perhaps fleeting thoughts of “what does it matter anyway?” Jesus the man spent hours of his last week on earth facing obstacles, grief, betrayal, and love. He chose to remain on the path set before Him. He remained true to God’s plan, all the while knowing it was his last seven days.

What choices might you make if you knew you only had seven days to live?

We chuckle about a bucket list, yet as Jesus faced with limited days, He lived that final week with courage and faith. He didn’t rush to generate things to please Himself, however He was part of memorable moments, and lasting discussions. He demonstrated intense prayer—for Himself, and for others. I would like to offer questions to help you examine your life … to make the most of whatever life we have left. Regardless of our age or health, our days are numbered. Do you live with purpose and intention recognizing no one can do it all, or have it all? Most people lack sufficient time and/or money to make every thought a reality. All live with limitation of one sort or another.

Now, about the bucket list for your last week: #1, most people would think of family. Does your family know the love and admiration your have for them? Do they understand why you live your life as you do? Have you clarified your priorities to facilitate a life lived with purpose? Where IS God in your life, and why is that important?

Bucket list #2: Have I spent my life/career in making a difference? Don’t rush to answer. Everyone must have money to live life, and your manner of earning money is not THE most critical issue…  No, how we earn money does not define our value in any sense… Monetary earnings merely supports what you value of life. So, what valuable legacy are you investing in?

Bucket list #3: So, who else cares anyway? Few of us know the people we affect… people you see on a daily basis. Ever thought about the attitudes with which you do business, how you conduct yourself? Do you see or offer a smile to the ‘invisible’ people throughout your day? You can begin now by realizing the value God imparts to people, and regard them as valuable.

Follow Christ’s example: make this week count! Create memorable moments. Voice appreciation. Express your love and admiration. Realize everyone has issues and difficulties. Recognize God loves YOU. He knows who you are and where you live - - and that memorable day years ago, Jesus died on that cruel Roman cross to pay the penalty of your sin. A chorus says, “He paid a debt He didn’t not owe – because I owe a debt I can never pay – I needed someone to take my sin away…”  He did all that, after going through a really hard week!


By Anita Onarecker Wood, Christian Minister and Author

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