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LinkedIn 102; Easy Start to Building Your Immediate Contacts QUICKLY!

Once you have built out your complete Linkedin Profile (see LinkedIn 101), you are now ready to begin building your connections by requesting people to let you link to them!  If you build a great Linkedin Profile, you may even have the right people routinely requesting that you link to them and that is the goal of the game; making it easy for you to build out your network with the minimal amount of work!  See the entire Linkedin Training Series.


I often have early users ask me, "Do I really want all these people I don't know Linkedin with me?"  My reply has always been, "You want the RIGHT, QUALIFIED people from your industry or related industry to link with you." Having the right people connected to you expands your career network for now and the future.  Linkedin is also great for helping you not lose contact with friends that you cultivated from your lifetime of working in your career.  Let's face it, that last group of people are usually your best advocates to finding a new job now and in the future.


Now a word of caution; DO NOT link with dubious characters or people outside your business profile of interest; for example a VP of Medical Device Sales from NY getting a link request from a plumber in Los Angeles (you may need a plumber one day, but one from Los Angeles?).  A person who is not relevant to your world is just a wasted career link and they may start sending tons of information that you just don't care about that clog up your Linkedin news page.  You can unlink from people after you accept at anytime, so if you decide you made a mistake, don't worry, dump them (they will not be notified).


Now to understand how to safely and easily use Linkedin to maximize your Free (or paid) Membership.  Always remember you are only allowed to make so many moves (based on your Membership Level).  At the time of this write, you can invite up to 5 people at a time to link with you in the Free version; as they accept, you will get the slot back to invite another person.  For example, you invite 5 people and 3 accept right away, you now have 3 more slots to invite more people to link with you again and you hope the other 2 will hurry up and accept to get those slots back too! 

If you want to shell out money for Linkedin, their Premium Service gives you more open slots to work with. Just be careful, if you invite people and they indicate they don't know you or see no reason to link with you...YOU ARE DEAD....or your account will be in quick order (yes, they FREEZE you out of ANY invite slots and you will not be able to invite people for quite awhile)!  There is an art to getting people to accept your invite if you are expanding beyond the people you know in your industry, but we will save that for our more advanced instruction within this series!


So here are the first easy steps to building our your contacts safely when you are new to the game:

  1. You can import your current Webmail Contacts through this link HERE.  You will see immediately who you know that are in your personal contact list, is also on Linkedin and you can pick through them to select those you would like to Linkedin with.
  2. You can upload your contacts file (Outlook, MAC and couple of other older formats for you die hards, like Lotus Notes) and will see who else you know is on Linkedin!
  3. Remember that GREAT advice I gave in in LinkedIn 101 to build out a complete Profile of EVERY COMPANY you have worked; now you will be rewarded for your hard work!  Click HERE and see all the people that are on Linkedin that you may know from each of your places of employ. Go ahead and invite them to link with you!
  4. How about college classmates? Click HERE and you will see the people that attended your school during the years you were there too!  Invite them!  Remember to add your Sorority or Fraternity if you had one...yes, you can connect to those former brothers and sisters of the past.  Even the Animal House variety may have cleaned themselves up enough to have a high level job and actually be able help you in your career (If you promise to keep quiet about their past....or is that called blackmail?)!  I digress....Linkedin can be boring ro write about.

So you now have enough information to do an easy start for building your career insurance plan of contacts. You are going to begin inviting people who you really do know and it reduces the fear of them hitting the Bong Button, "I don't know them".  Big hint, don't invite former girlfriends or boyfriends that may hit the bong button...again. One last note on this, the people you really know will be the foundation of your Linkedin Account in the begining and give your account credibility.  Would you rather link with a person who has 5 contacts or one who have 300?  Your friends won't care....they will connect and help you build your account to a respectable level...more on that later.

Remember, to invite me to your Linkedin Profile and I will accept (unless you look like a nut!...long story on that one).  So let's get started and invite only the people you really know...for now!  Let's save the art of growing your contacts OUTSIDE your immediate contacts to the upcoming Linkedin 104 (If you still aren't sure if you need a Linkedin Account...then check my "back-track" blog that is Linkedin 103)!


By Linda Hertz why not invite me to Linkedin with you today?

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