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Linkedin Litter? 5 Tips To Clean It Up and Shut It Up!

I read a comment from one of my recruiter friends on Linkedin today about her frustration with all the SPAM on Linkedin. She started her own Medical Sales Linkedin Group that has now grown to thousands of members.  She say's she spends one hour a day deleting SPAM on crap jobs, fake jobs and people trying to sell funky stuff like Ugg Books!

Funny, I was writing this blog when I saw her Linkedin Activity mention her frustration. I immediately posted a comment that I was getting ready to publish this piece because I am also sick of the growing rubbish on Linkedin.  By the way, I am very aware that all my Tweets and such could be considered part of the rubbish by some too who are Linkedin to me! 

So how does one deal with all the Linkedin Litter?  It has become one of the most polluted landscapes to work within the past year.  Many hiring managers told me they can't keep up with the inmails and all the losers trying to Linkedin with they ignore it!  Simply ignore it!  They say they have enough of a challenge keeping up with their corporate email box. 

So how do you get rid of the Linkedin Litter?   Here is what I have done to remove the trash from my account:

  1. If someone is sending a bunch of Tweets or activities that I have no interest in now or in the future and frankly they are outside my industry....I get rid of them as a contact.  They are not notified..but Linkedin makes you work for finding out how to do it!  Yes, I will write a quick one on that and post the link.
  2. If someone is sending a bunch of Tweets and activities and they are in my industry and I still want to be in contact with them BUT I just don't want to see what city they visited today or where they went to dinner...I hide their activites from my view (yes you can do that!).  You can silence them forever (other than if they send you an inmail).  Just go to their activity and lower right will see hide activity.  They will never know.
  3. People can send you Inmails you just don't want and if they keep sending their SPAM..just hit that inappropriate button..but I also suggest that you type in your inmail interest that you ONLY want Inmail from known contacts (or perhaps friendly recruiters with jobs that can specify).  I suggest going to upper right corner of your account (below your name) and click on your settings. Be prepared to re-type your password, they want to make sure it is you when you get into this part of your account.  Once in, go to E-mail preferences and you will see ALL the directives to limit who can send you Inmails (emails). I suggest you change these settings back to more open access IF YOU ARE a serious Job Seeker and WANT anyone and everyone to get to you!
  4. Be aware that large companies who pay enough money will give their recruiters first level contact rights with ALL people on Linkedin...that means they can quickly get to you, but I guess if they work for a company who can afford it, it may be a good thing for you.
  5. Lastly, if you have joined Groups and don't want all the sends, limit to no emails or only once per week collected activity sends..or simply get out of the Groups that don't meet your needs or interest.


I can certainly tell that Linkedin has become too much, even for us Recruiters (we need to make sure people can reach us access), but most people can be more selective as to who can connect with them!  There is so much information out there coming at you (especially when you add in your company emails).  Why let any Tom, Dick or Harry send you junk on Linkedin?  Choose your contacts and settings wisely.  Too much of anything can make us dysfunctional and distract us from what is really important.  It may be time to clean It up and reduce the meaningless chatter in our lives. 

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