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My Medical Device Sales Career

Looking For Exciting Career In Medical/Pharma Sales

If anyone can help me find a job in this industry please let me know. I have been a sales contractor at my company, and due to performance, I am getting hired in. 

if you know of anything or some advice that will help, please email at 

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Comment by Linda Hertz on August 1, 2015 at 1:53pm

Hello Matt,

I wanted to address your Blog Reach out!  I did go to your Linkedin Profile and I see you are a recent college graduate.   I update an older Blog I started years ago as needed (last update was in February of this year) How to Break Into Medical Device Sales: I activated the link for you to go immediately there.

There is a big difference between Pharmaceutical Sales and Medical Device Sales; in fact, once you get stuck on one path or the other (pharma vs. device) it is difficult to transend that path and especially true if you start in a pharma job.   There is a reason for that and you may want to read my 2012 article that is still true today:

Why Medical Device Sales Companies want "Business to Business" sale...   Fortunately since that older "write" I have learned how to shorten a Blog Title!

I hope these two article may help you get into the business and also decide which side you would like to enter. There are also Lab Testing Sales jobs, Buy and Bill Injectable Sales (this one is found still mostly within pharma companies and give you the same pharma stigma) and also IT Medical Software Sales that was very hot several years ago.  The later may be something for you to look into given your background.

An excellent source of obtaining research on our industry is through the free blogs that are available on  Here is a direct link to an article that you may find of interest:

3 Surprising Stats About Top Medical Sales Salaries

All the best to you in your quest to enter our industry!


Linda Hertz


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