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If you talk to any medical sales rep and ask them which thing they dread most about their jobs, you will probably hear field rides with their manager.  I had a conversation last week with a lad who used to work for me to discuss his disdain for the entire field ride process at his company.  He was depressed just thinking about spending the next 3 days in the car with his manager.  He went on and on about his micromanagement style, his inability to coach and his incessant need to sit in the vehicle at the end of each call and review what went right, wrong etc... As we continued to chat, I could not help but reflect back on the many field rides that I have been a part of as both a sales rep and sales manager.

I am really curious now so I reach out to other sales reps and managers that I know at a variety of companies and enquire about their field ride process.  I quickly discover that they all seem remarkably similar in shape and function.  It struck me that the field ride process has not changed much in the last twenty years.  I felt like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. The field ride process between sales rep and sales manager has been handed down from one generation to the next like some sort of family heirloom.  At a certain point, even antiques need to be appraised to determine their intrinsic value.  Can it be that the medical field ride process is par excellence? Why else would it remain the same for so long and be used by so many in the industry? Inquiring Minds Want to Know. I am curious as to how many sales leadership teams are actually looking at their field ride process to see if it is actually driving value throughout the sales organization. Keep in mind, value lies in the eyes of the beholder.

I may never know but I hope you certainly find out on your team. It may be that your field ride process is in dire need of a make-over!

How many of your sales reps are dreading their next field ride with you?

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