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My Medical Device Sales Career

As sales professionals we have many tools at our disposal to educate ourselves on how to be better in the field.

Today I would like to discuss a simple approach to the sales process for anyone that may be struggling or new to the field:


A - Approach (This is your first step and it is the most crucial, we all know that first impressions are everything. You as a Representative are first and foremost promoting yourself then your company at this stage. You are being sized up at this time so dress for success, have good hygiene..etc  

In your first five minutes with a client your are passing the "would I buy from this person stage". Dont show up in to their main office in jeans and boots or show up to a jobsite in a suit. Do your homework and know where it is that you are meeting your client and dress the part.)


I - Introduction / Interview (Now's the time to introduce yourself and more about you and your company. Try to remember at this stage to watch your speech and your demeanor as you want to mimic your customers behavior in some regards but still be yourself. You dont want to show up and have diarrhea of the mouth when your client has a "doer" mentality. Pay attention and try to analyze your clients behaviors. What types of questions are they asking, what's their mood.. etc...

It's always good to pay attention to your clients office too, look for trophies, pictures, plaques..etc.. this will usually give you something to talk about and get to know each other a little better. Try to put your clients thoughts to ease.

 This is also the time to go over your clients needs and concerns. The interviewing process is key in gaining respect and demonstrating that you as a Representative are showing your full attention to your clients needs.)


D - Demonstrate (After you have interviewed your client, now is the time to reiterate your interview notes and demonstrate that you and your company have the experience and knowledge to handle your clients needs. If you have drawings, project photos, schematics.. now is the time to demonstrate that you can get the job done...)


I - Validate (okay it should be a "V" but I didnt come up with this so don't blame me) In this stage you want to validate your company. Validate the experiences you and your company share to handle your clients needs. Mock up a drawing on a white board or scribble on a note pad. Do what you can to validate your knoweldge and your offerings.) Just make sure that your validation has relevance to your clients needs.


N - Negotiate (This is always a fun stage to be at. If you have made it this far, then congrats to you as there is interest from your client. Know your limits, at this stage. Dropping your draws to compete with a competitor is not the way to go. Know the value in what you are selling, upsell if you can.

Bringing value and knowledge is the key. If you can show the value in your offerings then you can prove why you are worth more than your competition.  But If you have to negotiate a lower margin on one end of the deal while keeping it up at a higher margin on the back end then do it. just know your margins and your worth as your commission is usually the first thing to take a hit....)


C - Close (After all of the fun you've just had, now is the time to seal the deal. There are many tricks and thoughts on how to close a client. For now I will leave this stage at just that.. close ... close .. close )


Now go make some money...!

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Comment by Ellyse Lamon on March 21, 2011 at 5:31pm
This was very helpful. Everyone has a different way of closing and this just sums it up in a clear and direct plan of attack.  :)


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