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Everyone knows Sales is a relationship driven profession. Most often we think of relationships relative to our customers but there are others you should be considering, too. Those on the inside of your organization are crucial to your success but can often end up overlooked and underappreciated.

Some of the most impactful relationships on one’s career and ability to succeed are those within our own organizations. Our manager and our peers jump immediately to mind. There are others, too. What about Marketing and Customer Service? What about IT and HR? How much time and effort do you invest in those relationships?

Many months ago I needed some help for one of my sales representatives. I worked with the person who handled our samples – she always did a terrific job for me and my team. At the end of the email exchange I thanked her for her help and let her know how much I appreciated what she did for us. What happened next shocked me. She emailed me back a note of gratitude for the simple “thank you” I sent to her. She said she almost never received any “thanks” for what she did.

I was really surprised to hear that. Here was someone who could make my folks look like a hero – or not. A savvy Sales Pro would realize she was one of his or her biggest allies in providing superior customer service – and building sales.

The people on the inside of your organization can be and should be the backbone of your “team” that allows you to shine when it’s most important. They also have direct input, both positive and negative, into your career. Why not do all you can to build those relationships and make them positive?

Those who don’t devote the proper time and attention to the internal relationships often justify their actions by saying they don’t like to get involved in office politics. They say they just want to do their jobs. Ok, that’s fine if you’re 100% self sufficient and need no help and no support from anyone else. Hmm… I bet if you think about it you’ll find that’s not the case.

As you set forth to conquer your territory this week take a few extra moments to share your appreciation with those who support you. Talk to Marketing and see what is going on – I’ll bet you learn something that can be a difference maker somewhere along the line. Take some interest in the inside staff and watch how it comes back to you over and over. It will help you succeed internally and externally. And hey, you may even enjoy it and make some friends along the way.

By Kevin Onarecker

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