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My Medical Device Sales Career

Several years ago I was a guest trainer for a class of new hires. One of the students was a puzzle to me because he seemed pretty average yet I knew his manager was really high on him.

The training progressed and eventually it was time to role play. Since we had an odd number of students I helped and my partner was this “average” fellow. Was I shocked to see Mr. Average light up and steal the show once the role play started!

At that time I was selling a dermatological product and the demonstration was the key. You placed a small amount of the product on the back of the physician's hand and allowed them to feel and smell it. These elements were important because cosmetic elegance went a long way in determining whether or not patients would use the product. This particular product was “challenged” in its ability to be cosmetically elegant. It was a little greasy and the sales force generally struggled to sell it since the competitive products felt better.

Mr. Average did not move directly into the demo portion of the presentation. Instead, he began describing to me what I was going to feel once he placed the cream on my hand. He lead me to believe this product was going to provide all the clinical benefits I needed, yet it was going to feel so silky, so light that it would be a pleasure to use. This cream would not feel medicinal at all. Instead, it would glide on and blend in very unobtrusively.

By the time he was finished I couldn’t wait to try his product. In fact, I wondered if he was selling the same product that everyone else was selling. What was this mystery cream? I had to see for myself!

In the end, was it any surprise to learn that Mr. Average was a leader in the organization for this particular product?

What he did very well was to build anticipation. By the time he was done I was looking forward to trying that cream. He also guided my expectations about the product and confirmed them while I was trying the product. “See, doesn’t that feel wonderful? Isn’t that light?” I was nodding in agreement the whole time. I was sold!

What has this got to do with you? The product demonstration is where the rubber meets the road. Your product has to be experienced by your end user. That person has got to see it work in their environment with their patients. You have to show them your product is easy to use and a pleasure to work with. By doing so, you will be well on your way to the sale. If not, well, you get to try again with another potential customer. Mastering the demo is crucial to your ability to selling your product.

Mr. Average mastered the demo. By doing the same you will increase your sales. More demo’s plus more effective and involved demo’s equals more sales. Give it a try this week and the results will speak for themselves. Good selling!

By Kevin Onarecker

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