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Tips To Use a Resume Blaster Service or Is It For You? 2 Questions To Ask Yourself

If you don't know what a Resume Blaster Service is, I encourage you to read my last article, How Do Those Resume Blaster Services Work?  I do highly suggest to my Job Seekers to use one blaster service that I prefer and I am an affiliate of, I will not go over all the reasons why, just read the link to my previous article! I will pick up from where I left off, none of these service will do you much good unless first YOU ARE THE RIGHT CANDIDATE to use them! If you have the right resume and you are using the right resume blaster service, then you have a match made in heaven; Your phone will probably ring off the hook right after the blast!

The key is making sure that your career background has the right work experience our hiring clients are seeking, as well as no inherent red flags or perceived Resume blemishes. Seems logical, right? Yes to most of us, but I do see professional golfers with no sales experience or the house painter with no degree using this medical resume service. Sorry guys, you are not getting any call backs unless one of us recruiters needs some golfing tips or their house painted!

Simple, right? So why do I see so many people using this service that have unrelated backgrounds not wanted or desired in our industry and a whole lot more that have terrible resume blemishes? I guess they are thinking, "Hey, if I will shoot it out there, then certainly something will stick!" Perhaps, but it may be a lack of understanding the Career Backgrounds we are looking for in this industry AND also understanding, as ugly and cold as it may seem, that their resume has some inherent blemish (many times no fault of there own) but that is the way it is.

Think of it this way, if there were a dating service that shot your picture and bio out to a group of single people, who do you think will get the most responses? The ugly gals or the hot babes?  Cruel isn't it? Even for me, who often writes with tongue in cheek, feels pretty slimy writing that line! I do it to get the point across, you must look objectively at yourself before you use a blaster service. So lets get started identifying the career match profiles first. This has much less emotion to it! You either have the experience or you don't!


Does Your Career Background Have The Right Work Experience?

  1. The obvious; those in medical device, Ortho, or medical disposable sales currently (pharma sales, capital equipment sales, lab sales and etc.).
  2. Dental Sales people selling devices or equipment to dental offices.
  3. Nurses, Surgical Techs that are either in a clinical support function in the industry or want to be (currently working in a clinical environment). Hot expertise areas industry is looking for: Cardiovascular, Advanced Wound Care, Negative Pressure Wound Therapy, Vascular Surgery, Critical Care. If there are others I am missing, please let me know!
  4. Business to Business Sales people that are not more than 7 years (10 years ok if the last 5 were in sales management) selling Copiers, APD or Paychex Services, Cintas Uniforms or second best: Enterprise Rental or Gallo Wine. (NOT, I say again, NOT financial services like Insurance Sales, Mortgage Brokerage, Bank Sales).
  5. Medical or Pharmaceutical Marketing or Product Managers (to a lesser degree, but many of us do fill those position and worth a shot).
  6. First Line Medical Sales Managers of all types: Dental, Medical Device, Disposable and Pharmaceutical. Make note that pharmaceutical sales manager jobs have dried up, along with that industry, so that may be a shot in the dark for you, but you are at least in profile.
  7. Those with four year college degrees (10 years of medical sales experience without a degree and all else clean MAY be worth a shot in the dark).


So there is the list of best background matches for either * or their companion blaster * Almost all the Recruiters get their resumes from both services, so pick one that best suits your career match (pharma people will probably not get as much play on the MedicalDevice one). More tips later at the end of the article. Now on to the dicey category, making sure your resume does not have a Resume Blemish that would also constitute NOT using a resume blasting service. This is assuming you have the Career Background match above and now you need to see if you are a TOTAL Match for the blast!

Do You Have a Resume Blemish?

  1. Job Hopper; moving every 2 years to a new job regardless of downsizing, company eliminations and things you could not help.
  2. More than 3 jobs the past 5 years
  3. A huge gap of current unemployment; defined as 6 months or more.
  4. Multiple Job Gaps between your employment which implies multiple firings or a victim of multiple downsizings. Downsizings are still viewed by many managers as, "We let go the weak and keep the strong". I will write a future article on this topic alone!
  5. Stating on your resume you want to live in Florida, but you live in New York. Unless you have a sought after skill set (which you probably don't if you fit the Career background criteria to use a blaster a bio-mechanical engineer) no one is going to be interested in hiring you for a different location in this market.
  6. I hate to say this one, it always gets peoples dander up, but if you are of a certain age and your resume reflects it. Sorry, but that is the way it is. If you have job experience going back to 1970....well let's just say I would hope you saved enough money to retire and the thought doesn't just start when a job seeker hits 60. Let me just leave it at that!
  7. Resume formatting in PDF format; we hate those things, they don't work well in most of our data bases! Also funky and creative looking resume formatting. Perhaps if you are applying to an artsy fartsy job they would work...not in these types of jobs we have!

Don't be saddened if you are not a fit to maximize the resume blaster experience! It just means there are different techniques you need to use to get your resume and yourself in front of a hiring manager. Much better than blowing $49.99 bucks for nothing..right? Go out and treat yourself to a nice dinner instead! 

Last tips here if you decide you can get value from this service:


Pass The Resume Blaster Match Test? Then Tips To Save You Money and Time

  1. Make sure your Word Doc. Resume is accurate, clean and is in final draft form. Recruiters put the good resumes in their data base and they are there to stay! Re-drafts will get resent to our data-base as a current resume, but your original one is still there as an older version. We can still see it and once sent, any errors or deletions can and will be noticed.
  2. Do Use an Email address that is specific to this service or just finding a job in general. Your resume and email address is being sent to over 1,100 to 1,200 Recruiters! Give them an email address that you is not your life-long email address that you use daily, protect yourself from future SPAM!
  3. Only pay for the cheap, ONE TIME BLAST. At the time of this writing and using our *affiliates service, that would be $49.99. DON'T order any of the bells and whistles like priority send (we get them all the same day so who cares about priority?). For that matter, do not order repeat blasts..we have your resume..leave it alone unless you change addresses, jobs, telephone numbers or email addresses.
  4. Do time your Resume blast during PRIME TIME for both Eastern and Western Time Zones. Most recruiters conduct talent searches that are for positions USA wide. I suggest blasting your resume on Mondays or Fridays (busy days for recruiters and we are watching email due to clients confirming interviews or giving us new jobs on that day!). I suggest shooting a blast on ONE of those days around 11:30 EASTERN, that way recruiters in all time zones are typically at their desk!

WOW, I didn't plan this article to be so long! Sorry, but at least it is comprehensive, especially with all the links to our rich content throughout our site. In parting, just remember that using the right resume blaster service for those with the right career background and clean, unblemished resume should give you awesome results!

If you don't think the service is for you, that's ok, there are other better ways for you to get your resume out there. After all, I do see a lot of ugly gals who are married and found the man of their dreams; there is a lot to be said for the old saying, "But she/he is really nice and has a great personality." You just need to find a different way to meet your next job match!

©Linda Hertz, All Rights Reserved

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*Full Disclosure: I only allow one resume blaster affiliate to advertise on our site. All links or banners from our site or from my blogs I earn a small advertising fee at no cost to you; you pay the same amount for that service regardless if you go to their site directly or order through the links on my site. If you like my articles and want to use the service to order it, then I say thank you and keep me posted so I can continue to track the great success of using them!

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Comment by Jude G. Dugas on December 9, 2011 at 5:07pm

If anyone is thinking about using a Resume Blaster Service, you need to read this article.  It has a lot of insight.


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