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Which 4 YEAR DEGREES PAY OFF...even in THIS Economy? ....You May Be Surprised.

My last article entitled "2 Year Degrees that Pay Off..Even in This... had me thinking, Which 4 YEAR DEGREES PAY OFF...even in THIS ECONOMY?

As I mentioned before in my previous article, the landscape of finding a (good) job has changed. You MUST acquire skill sets and an educational background that is NEEDED. The old motto, "go to college, get a job" does not apply anymore to the 2010 economic situation. The new motto should be "Go to college, get a degree needed, then get a job."

Not many incoming students, young or old, realize this. They feel cheated and shocked after they have spent all their time, energy, and money (debt, yikes!), only to discover job pickings are slim. And just to add to that bag of tricks, degrees that were once deemed safe are no longer due to the recession. (A recession which seems to be lasting longer than most of us had thought.)

So lets get EDUCATED about EDUCATION, shall we?


Of course, I must state, not everyone seeks education with the same purpose in mind. If you are the bohemian, altruistic type, get the degree that you want. I just don't want you to be disappointed if it does not pay off in monitorial terms like you may have hoped for. Perhaps the intrinisc value of the degree will be worth it to you.

Okay, so with that being said, I suppose there are at least three types of educational seekers:

Type 1: Seeks education as a means to make the most money. These folks want bang for their buck.

Type 2: Seeks education to learn more about a field that strongly interests them; not concered with income, think fervor!

Type 3: This educational seeker is more of a combination of Type 1 & 2; Seekes education as a way to earn a decent living, while doing what they enjoy.

Which type are you? This will help you determine which degree you should pursue.

For you type 2s and 3s if you are going to pursue your passion, you might want to have an idea of what your passion may pay. I should also mention to you that I am also a passion person (B.A. in Journalism, no one is throwing stones here!)

Here is the list of degrees with their potential median starting salaries and mid career median salaries: Download Word Doc: Four Year Degrees and What They Pay in This Economy.docx

I also want to share with you a wonderful link to a website for BOTH men and women called "Millionaire Matchmaker." Maybe you can all have your cake and eat it too! (You know, marry up.)

It comes to no surprise that these Type 2 and 3 degrees are mostly artistic and the Type 1 majors are more scientific/mathematically oriented. Maybe you left and right brainers can get together on that website.

If any of you type 1s are reading me...I enjoy long walks on the beach.

My phone number is 310.435.67......xx Did you really think I was that shameless?

Cheers, Happy Readings.

By Elyse Martin

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Comment by Jignesh Sanghavi on August 7, 2010 at 2:18pm
just few thoughts !! In today's world networking has become increasingly important than ever. I wonder someday it may well happen that after graduating with a basic degree people may join courses like advance diploma in networking or masters in neworking with specialization in pharma networking. With the above post i feel old rule of do what you like the most or you are most passionate about is extremely important. We take few examples from steve jobs CEO & cofounder who was college drop out. his success is largely attributed to doing things you are passionate about !!


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