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Most would agree that our economy is still not in the greatest shape.  The healthcare market is still going through some major changes.  Many hospitals are cutting back on services, reducing the number of vendors and slashing costs.  I think you might agree that there is certainly less low hanging fruit right now in many instances and you may have to work on your vertical leap to land a new customer.   It always helps if you can leap tall buildings at a single bound.  For all of us mortals, however, we must grind it out every day one sales call at a time. The bright side is that hospitals still need to purchase products and surgeons are still operating.   There is still an opportunity to make a huge impact!   Wake up call!


How bad do you want “it” this year?   Is “it” that Presidents Club trip? Is “it” being ranked in the Top Ten?  Is “it” more money?  Is “it” to be respected by your peers and customers?  More importantly, have you defined your “it” in 2011?


Do you want “it” so bad that you are willing to change?

You must start that process right now.  You will improve your results by changing your behaviors.   It will not be easy but nothing great ever is.  2011 is going to require more work, more commitment, more sacrifice and more dedication in order to change your experience.  Success has a price.  Without some discomfort, sacrifice, stress, and tension there is often very little growth.  You must risk the short-term, uncomfortable feeling connected with exploring new avenues that will offer long-term gain and ultimate success this year.  You can do it!


What are you doing today, this week, this month, this quarter, this year to get better?


Frederick Douglass said it best: "Without a struggle, there can be no progress.”

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Comment by Linda Hertz on February 2, 2011 at 5:20pm

Wow...this is right on Devin!  I try to weave links between all the author's it relates to key words.  I also try to link your own growing articles to your own and others.   It take me a awhile to do this and do it little by little...but you can see the example on this piece!  You can also look at Kevin's last Blog...with your links on his too...GREAT SYNERGY...GREAT ARTICLE!


I have a piece half written on change also from a different approach..this will fit nicely with the above.  Thanks yet again..


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