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Your Aggressive 10 Step Plan to Getting Another Medical Sales Job Quickly!

Fearing an upcoming job loss for whatever reason or worse, you are unemployed now, requires a quick and efficient plan of attack to getting another job QUICKLY! This is not the time to sit back and decide to take time off between jobs, that one month off can quickly erode to 6 months or longer of unemployment. Sales managers want to hire smart, aggressive medical sales people who would not be content taking a month off between jobs.

I am often asked, "What would I do if I only had two weeks of employment left at my current medical sales job due to a layoff or firing?". In this terrible marketplace I know exactly what strategy I would use, what job boards and networking techniques I would put in place RIGHT AWAY. Yes, I mean right away! Working a full 9 hour sales day (or managing Sales People when you are a Sales Manager) every day of your last 2 weeks for the company that is letting you go may seem admirable, but in today's world it is plain silly. 

I advise putting in the minimal time necessary to wrap up THEIR business and get to YOUR business immediately of finding a job. There are many personal things you need to do that I will write about in a future blog and provide a link HERE when completed. 


Aggressive 10 Step Plan to Finding a Job:

  1. Build a solid Key Word Search Resume that is Traditionally Formatted *(Templates Here). See collection of all Resume Tips articles for your reference!
  2. Remember, you will get a job quicker if you build your resume AND look for a job that is requiring the experience you already have. This is no time for a pharma person to try to hold out for a medical device sales job! Go ahead and look for that dream transition job WHILE you center yourself upon the low lying fruit, the job that is requiring YOUR CURRENT WORK EXPERIENCE.
  3. Go to your Outlook on your computer and blast out the news to your friends, co-workers and family of your new contact information and inform them that you are looking for work.
  4. Call and send your resume to Recruiters you know and have worked with in the past.
  5. Blast your resume using this service to over 1,200 Medical Sales Recruiters (only buy the inexpensive, non-priority blast ONCE). Don't waste money on repeat blasts, buy once that is it, done! All recruiters save their resumes for a VERY LONG TIME (think several years), so why buy a second blast? Email your resume to over 1200 MEDICAL Recruiters here
  6. If You want to join a Job Board, then just pay for but honestly, you can see all the MEDICAL SALES JOBS in the US spill into our site's Job Tab Here via our affiliate at no charge. Go to the Indeed Key Word Search boxes under our open jobs on the Linda Hertz Group Job Tab EVERY MORNING for up to 30 or 40 minutes and see what is newly posted. Friday and Monday are big new job post days. Related Job Board Articles Here. 
  7. Of course you have built out your Linkedin profile, right? take You do not get credit for that if you have an account with no picture uploaded, meager to no profile built out and 50 contacts! It's time to Learn how to to take 60 minutes per day to find and connect with people who work for companies that are compatible with your work background, make note of first line managers who have reps. reporting to them...they may be hiring or hiring in the future! Here is a series o f Linkedin Training articles I have written to help you.
  8. Facebook is still evolving as a hiring tool, but if you want to leave no stone unturned, ramp up your Facebook account (or open one) and see what friends you may have that just may know of a job for you!  Build a Facebook Page vs. accepting unknown recruiters or strangers to your personal Facebook account.
  9. Trade Shows! Typically the Fall, Winter and Spring are when Medical Sales Trade Show Events are conducted. There is a way to work these shows effectively when in job seeking mode but for now, here are the Trade Show Links in one spot on our Trade Show Resource Tab.
  10. The last place you want to place your resume is into a Large Hiring Company's website career database. Why? Well here is an earlier article that explains why.

I am NOT a believer of those articles that say you should make looking for a job a full time job. If you are unemployed and taking all day every day to look and interview for jobs, then you are not working efficiently at finding a job! Once you have the above system in place, you are maybe looking at a routine of not more than 1 to 2 hours per day of the hunt phase of your job search. Applying to countless jobs you are not qualified for is a waste of time and I get plenty of those resumes where I know someone told them they need to make looking for a job a full time job! They are working full time spinning their wheels!

If you implement a well targeted job search and apply only to the jobs you qualify for and a few of those dream transition jobs you wish you could land, you will begin to add in phone interview and face to face interview time for select positions. What to do with the extra time?

There are things you can do for expanding your career options that I will address in a future article HERE, but part of that extra time should be used to do the things you could not do when you were working full time in a stressful job. Yes, being unemployed is more stressful in many ways, but make sure to feed the soul, body and mind with some simple pleasures daily, pleasures that maybe you put away many years ago when your job took over your life! Now is the time to maybe pick up that tennis game, practice that golf swing, ride that bike, take the kids to the park, read some NON-business and management books for once (love novel anyone?) and maybe surprise your significant other with a homemade romantic meal. You have the time now, maybe not the money, but you will be amazed at how losing your job CAN change your life for the better.

Unemployment is usually just a temporary thing, and can be reduced to a shorter period of time by implementing the aggressive 10 step plan. Just remember when you land that new job, that you also keep some of the simple pleasures in your life that you cultivated and enjoyed during your time of unemployment.

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