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Blogs for Job Seeking


  1. Linkedin Training Series 
  2. Your Aggressive 10 Step Plan to Getting Another Medical Sales Job Quickly!
  3. Sniff Out the Hiring Company AND Recruiter doing the Candidate Search!
  4. Finding all the Medical Sales Jobs Fast! Be an Aggregate Player!
  5. Best Job Boards for Medical Sales? It's a Jungle Out There!
  6. 50 Is NOT The New 40 When Looking For A Job; Face It With A Way To Change It!
  7. More Downsizings; Unemployed and In The Wrong Pond? 
  8. Tips To Use A Resume Blaster Service or Is It For You?  2 Question to Ask  Yourself


Blogs for Recent College Graduates

  1. New College Graduates! A Faster Way to Break Into Medical Device Sales!
  2. Recent College Graduate and No Job? Here Are Some Strategies

Blogs about Recruiters


  1. Recruiters ARE Headhunters; Don't Enlist Them To Help You! This is How it Works
  2. 5 Tips to Working With a Headhunter and Keeping His Attention!
  3. 2 Questions to Determine if Using a Recruiter is the Best Way for YOU to Get the Job!
  4. 7 Questions to Determine if Your Recruiter is Strong and Plugged Into the Job You Want!
  5. How to Hunt Down The Medical Sales Recruiters Working the JOB YOU WANT!
  6. The E-Mail Subject line that GRABS a Recruiters Attention EVERY Time to your resume!



Blogs for Interviewing


  1. A Peeping Tom's Linkedin Secret to Prepare For a Winning Interview
  2. Thank You Notes Acceptable from an iPhone?  Ask a candidate who lost the job!
  3. Presenting a Brag Book Like It's 1985 Lost Sue The Job...
  4. A Thank You Note that Cost Him the Job after the Final Interview!
  5. Thank You Note Tips That Would Have Saved His Job!
  6. Are You Really Closing the Sales Interview or Just Afraid?
  7. 11 Tips on Mastering the Phone Interview!
  8. Building a Great Medical Sales Brag Book! Does Yours Measure Up?
  9. Medical Sales 21 First Interview Questions, Do You Have the Answers?
  10. 18 Ways to Shine During the Sales Field Visit 
  11. Single Most Important and Loaded Interview Question: Why Do You Want To Leave Your Job?


Blogs for Resumes


  1. Learn How to Bridge your Resume: Clean Up Job Gaps and Job Hopping
  2. Getting Your Resume Noticed: Use the Linkedin Trickle Down Technique
  3. Quick Way to Throw Your Money Away; Hire a Resume Writer Without Asking "The Question"
  4. Is Your Resume Getting You Action? 7 Tests to Improve Your Call Backs!
  5. Building a Medical Sale Resume that will be Found!
  6. Building a Great Medical Sales Brag Book! Does Yours Measure Up?
  7. 8 Resume Blemishes, Does Yours Have One? 
  8. How Do Those Resume Blaster Services Work? Being Straight Up On This One!


Blogs for Career Advice and Strategy


  1. How To Break Into Medical Device Sales
  2. Prepare Your Career; 16 Signs YOUR Company Is Up for Sale!
  3. Is The New Job LOADED with Landmines for Your Career? 19 Things You must Understand
  4. 3 Steps to Building a Great Career Strategy; It's All in Making the Right Moves!
  5. No Sales Background, Mid-Career, but want Medical How? 
  6. 2 Questions That can Turn Your Life and Career Around: The Post It Test 
  7. Stayed Too Long In Your Job? 7 Signs For Perfect Timing To GET OUT! 
  8. Lined Up To Be Fired Or Not So Sure? 7 Subtle Signs
  9. On A Performance Improvement Plan? 2 NOW Survival Strategies
  10. The Strategic CAREER Hunt for The Employed
  11. What That Commission Plan Is Telling You About The Company Culture: Meat Eater vs. Vegetarian


Blogs Sorted by Topic

  1. Chaplain's Corner (articles by only Minister Anita Onarecker)
  2. College Kids
  3. Faith (all articles)
  4. Leadership
  5. Medical Device Sales
  6. News Quips  (collection of our Members Newsletters and updates)
  7. Over 50
  8. Pharmaceutical Industry
  9. Recent College Graduates
  10. Sales Life
  11. Selling Skills
  12. Your Health



Blogs Sorted by Author

  1. Linda Hertz,          See Linda's Linkedin Profile
  2. Anita Onarecker,  See Anita's Linkedin Profile
  3. Elizbeth Danford, See Elizabeth's Linkedin Profile
  4. Devin Hughes,      See Devin's Linkedin Profile
  5. Kevin Onarecker, See Kevin's Linkedin Profile 


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