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Finding and Following the Truth in Selling

My wife and I used to be big fans of “The X Files” TV show. One of the main characters had a poster above his desk that was captioned: “The truth is out there…” For those of us in sales, the truth IS out there… and we need to know how to find it.

Have you considered that you are engaged in a search for the truth? Every day we navigate through a minefield of deception. Customers, competitors and colleagues – all can be sources of misdirection, wrong…


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I Have All The Qualifications! Why Am I Not Getting The Job?

l am in Michigan this week on vacation and I was visiting an old High School friend named Marty. Over a glass of wine we were discussing the difficulty in the workplace and how her daughter, who just earned an Ivy League MBA, was making it to the final interviews and not getting the job (although well qualified since she also had a few years working experience before she went back to go full time for her MBA).

I reflected on that…


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The Power of the Demo

Several years ago I was a guest trainer for a class of new hires. One of the students was a puzzle to me because he seemed pretty average yet I knew his manager was really high on him.

The training progressed and eventually it was time to role play. Since we had an odd number of students I helped and my partner was this “average” fellow. Was I shocked to see Mr. Average light up and steal the show once the role play started!



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Thank You Note Tips That Would Have Saved His Job!

I outlined an unfortunate and very true story on how a Thank You note cost Tom a job offer. I encourage you to read what happened to Tom in my earlier article to fully appreciate the simple techniques I outline below that could have prevented him from losing the job (see Tom here).

Thank You Notes do matter during the interview process! Just think, these…


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Lessons From the Silver Fox

One of the characteristics of many sales people is that we tend to be independent. That being said, if we’re smart, we’re always looking for ways to hone our craft and improve our skills. One of the biggest lessons I learned was taught to me by a senior representative we newbies called the Silver Fox.

I had the pleasure of sharing a hotel room with Rob during a training session during my first year as a sales professional. The training session was…


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All Things Being Equal...

There is an old adage that says “All things being equal, friends buy from friends. All things being not so equal, friends still buy from friends.” Despite all the changes in sales techniques and principles from yesteryear to now, the concept of good relationships with your customers is never out of style.

Earlier this week I was involved in a call where the customer began discussing the importance of relationships and how they impacted her purchasing…


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Which 4 YEAR DEGREES PAY OFF...even in THIS Economy? ....You May Be Surprised.

My last article entitled "2 Year Degrees that Pay Off..Even in This Economy," had me thinking, Which 4 YEAR DEGREES PAY OFF...even in THIS ECONOMY?

As I mentioned before in my previous article, the landscape of finding a (good) job has changed. You MUST…


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