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Does life challenge you with adversity or difficulties?

Just imagine you and me sharing coffee and a chat. Soon the focus of our conversation turns to special
 learned from the Bible. I love to share new things God shows me.  

Yesterday I did a little research on a familiar passage from a daily devotion: I Peter 5:6-7:
Humble yourselves therefore, under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you at…


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Catching Up with One Another

Can you believe winter season is almost over? Where has this year gone? It has whizzed by.

I’ve been busy with a new job, perhaps as many of you.

I waited a very long time to secure this position, and want to do well, and display my value to the organization. Not long after I began, I learned my need for arthroscopic knee surgery! Not too bad, I just allowed…


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Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year…

Or… is it? Holiday celebrations arrive whether we are ready or not. Even when we are unhappy or conflicted, those around us seem to be ok, right?  I saw the message below on my facebook page, and asked my friend Donna if I might share it with you. I hope it speaks to you as it did to me.   Anita Onarecker


Habakkuk 3:17-19…


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Three Words Of Christmas

What three words would you use to describe Christmas?  Lights, tinsel, snow? Love, children, gifts? You think a minute about your three words. 


According to the Bible, the three words of Christmas are God with us – Immanuel.


Christmas is about God who left all that Heaven is to live within human limitations. Jesus…


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A Thanksgiving Question

What is thanksgiving to you: the holiday, Thanksgiving that we celebrate once a year? Is it a time when you gather with friends or family and eat, watch games and nap?

Or – have you come to think of the holiday as a theme—an opportunity for giving thanks.  Consider what you are grateful for; to whom would you give credit; who or what deserves merit or recognition?…


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Who or What to Trust?

Perhaps you are familiar with Proverbs 3:5-6: Trust…


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The Prize

How’s your year shaping up? Reaching your goals? Hitting the mark? Most companies have monthly, quarterly and yearly goals, something to spur us toward the right direction. Goals are a measuring stick to show us where we are on that pathway of success. Isn’t that the…


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You and Me Against the World

Do you ever feel alone against the world? Is there someone you count on to be there, regardless?  Have you wished for that quiet safe place where you can really rest in safety from the stress of life?  Do I have news for you!

There is a place; or rather there IS a Person where you can find relief, safety and protection. In the book of Psalms, chapter 32, verse…


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Life Becomes Clear

What would you do if you knew it was your last week to live? When I read this question, it stimulated my thoughts and imagination.

As I write, it is the week prior to Easter Sunday. Easter is a worldwide religious holiday that has been overtaken with bunnies, colored eggs and family celebrations of springtime. Think of why we celebrate. Something happened that we now commemorate. Someone died, and rose from the dead, and now we honor that one day each year.



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He Will Make A Way: Suggestions For Living

Are you at an impasse?  Have you come to a place where there seems no way out? You can’t go back, and you cannot see what’s ahead?


The Old Testament book of Exodus spans 81 years, and tells the story of Israel through Moses’ eyes.  When this book was penned, the pyramids already existed, and Egypt was renowned for their sciences,…


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Good Word - Hope

Not only is hope a good word, but it is a life-saving word. Hope is vital to well-being. In order to glean the most from this devotional, take a moment to think about your hope: what it is, where it’s placed… What do you hope for? Hope in? You get the drift!


Webster’s dictionary [1913 Webster] says hope is

  1. a desire -- combined…

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It's About Family

Not long ago I visited a Chevrolet dealership in downtown Houston, speaking with a fleet salesperson. He began our conversation telling me how his family doctor died that day, and proceeded to share his grief and alarm.  He wondered about Heaven and life after death, etc.

This is a story I shared with him that day:

Jesus introduced the phrase, born-again, and because He is the only one who did, I think it has significance.   Jesus used this phrase in his conversation…


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The Boundary of God’s Peace

Who is the most neglected person in your home?  It may be you! Do you think, “My life seems full of demands others know little about!” Is this true of you? Do you privately ask or wonder - - Where can I find time for refreshing?  When will life ever be quiet?

            Peace is often a foreign phrase in the busy, chaos of life.  Families seek balance as they juggle children’s needs and schedules, and demands of professional careers and life in general.…


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Faith in Today's Work Hard World?

Do you have Faith? What is Faith? Faith is believing without seeing. Works are dependent upon actions. In today's economic crisis, many of us have lost faith and perhaps you've lost your desire to work?
Some of us depend strictly on Faith to get us through life. We say, "If God wants this for me" or "If it is meant to be things will fall into place and I don't need to do anything". Some of us depend strictly on our…

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Waiting for the next downsizing? Praying it is not your Medical Sales Job?

I felt compelled to write an article this week about the calls and stories we have been receiving from many of you, sales representatives and sales managers alike. Many of you have been through the wringer, sitting by your home office phone, as instructed by your company, waiting for your scheduled call from your HR Department or immediate manager; the call where you will be told if you will be one of the lucky ones…


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