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THE LINE Not to Use with a Recruiter

I heard THE LINE 5 times today from job seekers.  If that wasn't enough, I opened 6 job candidate emails with THE LINE used in the opening paragraph!  Job Seekers obviously must feel using THE LINE will work with recruiters. Simply put; It doesn't.  In fact, it usually reflects the desperation of the job seeker trying to snare an interview!

Do you know what…


Added by Linda Hertz on September 24, 2015 at 8:30pm — 3 Comments

Recruiters ARE Headhunters; Don't Enlist Them To Help You! This is How it Works

I had another job seeker email me last week, they wanted to talk to me so I could understand their employment situation and WORK FOR THEM to help them find a job.  OK, that would be great BUT you don't want a recruiter to help YOU find a job, they get paid by the hiring company to HUNT DOWN HEADS (qualifying heads I might add) to find THEM people for their…


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Dumb Costly Mistake? Completing On-Line Job Applications Not Knowing This!

Please don't get upset if you have done this costly mistake when applying to jobs On Line!  Recently I have noticed an increasing number of Job Candidates who were interested in my open positions, but had no idea if they had applied directly to the Hiring Companies website!  I simply asked, "How can you NOT know if you applied directly to a hiring companies website?"  The…


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5 Tips to Working With a Headhunter and Keeping His Attention!

So how does one work with a Headhunter if all they care about is getting a head for their open job?  I felt compelled to write this follow up article to my last Blog since it kicked up so much dust on the Linkedin Groups; Recruiters ARE Headhunters:…


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2 Questions to Determine if Using a Recruiter is the Best way for YOU to Get the Job!

What? A recruiter is telling you NOT to use a recruiter? Yes, THIS recruiter is telling you that in some situations don't and the inspiration came from a discussion with a new web acquaintance, Elizabeth, a career counselor who works FOR the job seeker, helping them to find their next position and coaching them on how to maneuver themselves…


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7 Questions to Determine if your Recruiter is Strong and Plugged into the Job You Want!

When an independent recruiter gives you a call on a job how many times have you begun to ask the recruiter some vital questions to see how well THEY are positioned to get you the job? “What?” Yes, YOU need to ask them some questions, after all, who the heck is this recruiter (if they called you out of the blue). Why is this important? Because a…


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How To Hunt Down The Medical Sales Recruiters Working the Job YOU WANT!

I have written several earlier articles on the best way to apply for a job when you find it on line and you know, from reading the article, that you must find a great outside recruiter who is working the job directly with the hiring manager vs. applying directly to a hiring companies…


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The E-Mail Subject line that GRABS a Recruiters Attention EVERY time to your resume!

Not so long ago Medical Sales Recruiters had TONS of jobs and we had to really hunt for people who wanted to make a career move. Now, we have TONS of people looking for the few jobs that are out there. The groups of people looking fit into several categories:




  • Those that have been laid off
  • Those that are still fearing a lay off, but currently have a job
  • Those that wanted to…

Added by Linda Hertz on March 25, 2010 at 12:00am — 1 Comment

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