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How to Self Brand Today for YOUR Future Business of Tomorrow

Getting a personal email address that looks good on a resume is one thing, getting an email address to build a future business upon (consulting anyone?) is quite an art form.  Attempting to do this while you are currently…


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Self Branding; 6 Steps to Finding An Effective Email Address or At Least Not Picking a Stinker!

Finding an appropriate email address may seem like a no brainer.  Some may even feel it is a silly career discussion point in this day and age.  Well, doesn't it?  After all what is the big deal about an Email address? Well...yes you would think so, but as I have mentioned in my most recent Blog on this topic,…


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Your Email Address is YOUR Self Branding; Not Your Wife's or Fido's!

Believe me, it is distracting to write an email to a man named Steve who has applied for a 120K year job when his email address indicates the sender is named Nancy (I presume his wife) or his dog named Fido.  I don't know why it appears to be more male Job Seekers feel they need to use their wife's email address to send their resume and correspondence to employers and…


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Is Your Email Address Showing YOUR Age? Get Hip With It!

I was going through a number of resumes this past week and I started to laugh at some of the email addresses.  Why? Because some of them just shout, "Hello there, I am really old and out of it and still driving a horse and buggy too!" I have been meaning to write a short Blog on this now for a few years, but due to newer, cooler email addresses that have been growing…


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Fear of Unemployment? 8 Questions to see if YOU are Protected!

Sounds stupid doesn't it, the mere idea your job or corporation is helping you to lose your identity? Perhaps you should ask yourself some tough questions FIRST before you laugh this one off! If you say "yes" to even one of the following questions, you may be giving a piece of your identity away, along with the ability to easily transition to a new job or find a job if you become unemployed…


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