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2 Year Degrees That Lead to Well Paying Jobs... Even In This Economy

Let's face it, looking for a (good) job now a days can seem like searching for water in the Mohave desert! With the current economic climate many people are turning to education to strengthen their appeal to employers. Those with four year degrees might try pursuing a Masters. But what about those without a four year degree? Are they expected to head back to school part time for 6 plus years to earn their bachelors? That would rack up $60,000 dollars or more in loans to payback! Also, which Bachelor degree should they get that will actually pay off?

A little known fact to those entering college is that very few majors have a high return on investment rate. With the recession, majors that were once deemed safe are not anymore (business majors I'm talking to you). This will be the subject of my next article.

While growing up you are beaten over the head with the message GO TO COLLEGE, THEN YOU'LL GET A GOOD JOB. Guess what? It doesn't work like that anymore. Just because you went to college and got A DEGREE, doesn't mean you got THE RIGHT DEGREE. You know, the one you'll need to get the high paying job so you can pay back those loans and not have to buy boxed wine on the weekends. The old supply and demand theory comes into play. In our current 2010 job market, there are lots of supply (you) and little demand (jobs). For those of us who have newly minted 4 year degree's, we are finding a world that has changed since our college Freshman year of 2004 or 2005.

We have graduated in a world where you MUST have a degree that is needed, a skillset the marketplace is still demanding. A demand in certain fields you probably do not qualify for and would require you to go back another few years to get another marketplace "meaningful" degree. Are you feeling my pain fellow Journalism, English, Communications and, heaven help you, Art Degree Graduates?

So now what? What is the solution? Well (to my surprise also) there are many two year associate degrees that lead to great salaries and with economic job growth even in the times we are living in! The top ones are listed below with information and resources on how you can get started! The wonderful thing about an associate degree is its cost. They are only offered at community colleges and the total cost on average is $7,000. Finally, our prayers have been answered. Okay, so now that I have led you to water in the Mojave Desert, its time for you to drink!

Computer Specialists
Median Annual Wage: $71,510
Projected 2016 employment increase: 15%
Education: Computer Information Systems Associate Degree or Computer Network System Engineering Associate Degree
Job Description:

Computer specialist associate's degrees prepare students to work technical, hands on positions or in assistant support roles. Computer specialists help with the technical side of a business information technology systems. Computer support specialists focus on providing assistance to customers or co-workers, interpreting and trouble shooting a person's computer related issue. Other positions available to computer specialists associate's degree holders include computer systems administrators and computer security specialists.

For more information on becoming a computer specialist click HERE.

Dental Hygienists
Median Annual Wage: $64,740
Projected 2016 employment increase: 30%
Education: Associate Degree in Dental Hygiene
Job Description:

A dental hygienist is a licensed dental professional who is part of the dental care team. They perform such serves as oral examination, oral prophylaxis (scaling, rooting planning, soft tissue curettage and polishing teeth). They expose and process dental x-rays, administer local anesthesia and nitrous oxide sedation for pain control. Also they apply preventive medications such as topical fluorides and dental sealants along with instructing patients in oral disease control and nutrition.

For more information on becoming a Dental Hygienists click HERE.

Registered Nurse
Median annual wage: $60,010
Projected 2016 employment increase: 25%
Education: Associate Degree in Nursing
Job Description:

Registered nurses work to promote good health and prevent illness. They educate patients and the public about various medical conditions, treat patients, and help in their rehabilitation, and provide advice and emotional support to patients' families. Many registered nurses are general duty nurses who focus on the overall care of patients. They administer medications under the supervision of doctors and keep records of symptoms and progress.

For more information on becoming an RN click HERE.

Radiologic Technologists and Technician
Median Annual Wage:$50,260
Education: Associate Degree in Radiologic Technology
Projected 2016 employment increase: 15%
Job Description:

Radiologic technologists and technicians perform diagnostic imaging examinations like x rays while technologists use other imaging modalities such as computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and mammography. Radiologic technicians, sometimes referred to as radiographers, produce x ray films of parts of the human body for use in diagnosing medical problems.

They prepare patients for radiologic examinations by explaining the procedure, removing jewelry and other articles through which x rays cannot pass, and positioning patients so that the parts of the body can be appropriately radiographed. To prevent unnecessary exposure to radiation, these workers surround the exposed area with radiation protection devices, such as lead shields, or limit the size of the x ray beam. Radiographers position radiographic equipment at the correct angle and height over the appropriate area of the patient's body.

For more information on becoming a Radiologic Technologist click HERE.

Paralegals and Legal Assistants
Median Annual Wage: $44,990
Projected 2016 employment increase: 22%
Education: Associate Degree in Legal Assisting/Paralegal

Job Description:

One of a paralegal's most important tasks is helping lawyers prepare for closings, hearings, trials, and corporate meetings. Paralegals might investigate the facts of cases and ensure that all relevant information is considered. They also identify appropriate laws, judicial decisions, legal articles, and other materials that are relevant to assigned cases. After they analyze and organize the information, paralegals may prepare written reports that attorneys use in determining how cases should be handled. If attorneys decide to file lawsuits on behalf of clients, paralegals may help prepare the legal arguments, draft pleadings and motions to be filed with the court, obtain affidavits, and assist attorneys during trials.

For more information on becoming a paralegal click HERE.

Occupational Therapist Assistants
Median annual wage: $45,050
Projected 2016 employment increase: 25%
Education: Associate Degree in Occupational Therapy
Job Description:

Occupational therapist assistants, also known as occupational therapy assistants, provide rehabilitative services to people with mental, emotional, physical, or developmental impairments. They work under the supervision of occupational therapists. Many occupational therapist assistants work in hospitals. Others work in homes for the aged, clinics, special schools, or occupational workshops.

Assistants help patients work through rehabilitative exercises and activities outlines in a treatment plan by an occupational therapist. Assistants may help patients learn how to feed and dress themselves, compensate for lost motor skills, or achieve a more independent lifestyle.

For more information on becoming an Occupational Therapist click HERE.

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