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What is thanksgiving to you: the holiday, Thanksgiving that we celebrate once a year? Is it a time when you gather with friends or family and eat, watch games and nap?

Or – have you come to think of the holiday as a theme—an opportunity for giving thanks.  Consider what you are grateful for; to whom would you give credit; who or what deserves merit or recognition? Many of my friends take the month of November to write or blog a sentence or phrase of thanks each day.

When you begin this thirty-day attitude of gratitude, it is easy at first, for most all would say, “I am thankful for my spouse, or my children, or my family”; then we might list possessions, events, or things in our life. But the underlying question is, to Whom do you direct your thanks?

It’s good to thank people we often overlook, however God may be the last on your list to thank. Take time to review the year and identify reasons to offer thanksgiving or praise to God. Scripture often calls this a sacrifice of praise/thanksgiving.  The Message Bible [a modern-day paraphrased Bible] says this in Psalm 107:22, “Offer thanksgiving sacrifices; tell the world what He has done! Sing it out!” This means we must speak, or write, or in some manner, proclaim to others what God does in our life.

What would we sacrifice to tell others what God has done for us? Our pride? Our privacy? I challenge you to such sacrifice: “God has been good to me, and I thank Him for ______________.”  You fill in the blank.

I hope you take the challenge during this Season of Thanksgiving.

p.s.  I am thankful that God knows me and loves me still!


By Anita Onarecker Wood, Christian Minister and Author

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