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Biggest LinkedIn Secret to Nailing The Interview

What is the biggest secret to nailing an interview using LinkedIn? YOU MUST BE A PEEPING TOM!  How creepy!  We feature a Peeping Tom as someone stalking a neighborhood at dark looking for a lit room with an open curtain with the hopes of finding some people inside and in full view.  Slowly and quietly he creeps to the windowsill to quietly watch with interest the activity inside those four walls, unbeknownst to those inside.  That activity sends shivers up our spine and certainly, we say to ourselves, how could they?  Simply Sick!

We all have a preconceived notion of what motivates a Peeping Tom, but at the same time, have you ever found yourself straining your neck as you drive by a neighbors house to see who has come to visit them?  How about when that new furniture truck pulls up to the house across the street?  I am sure you pull down your shades before the furniture is hauled out and say to yourself, "That is none of my business what Colleen and Tom have purchased for their home....that truck is awfully big, but still it is none of my business!"  Sure, that is exactly what you would do...sure...

So there it is, we are hopefully not as sick as a Peeping Tom, BUT we all have a little innocent tendency to know what our neighbors are doing.  Perhaps the motivation is just to keep up with the Jones-es  but maybe it is just natural curiosity?  Then again we have all heard the saying, "Curiosity that killed the cat."   The type of curiosity that can lead to trouble, like that huge desire that comes over us to look at an accident that has happened along the highway, even when we know help has arrived at the scene; Rubberneckers do cause accidents too!

There is another type of curiosity we should have when we are Job Seekers preparing for an upcoming interview; Just WHO is this hiring person or interviewer?  The Job Seeker who finds that out BEFORE the interview is going to have a huge edge over the other non-curious candidates!  Curiosity may kill the cat, but having no curiosity about the person interviewing you will kill your chances of getting through the series of job interviews successfully too!

You know where I am headed here, right?  Yes, you should crawl up to that LinkedIn window and peer into the lit living room with open curtains to learn about the person preparing to interview you.  Be assured that most hiring managers and certainly almost ALL Human Resource people are looking into your LinkedIn Window as they prepare to interview YOU!  Most have changed their settings so it is a stealth operation, just like that Peeping Tom creeping over to your living room window at night to peer in on YOU.  They have your resume, but they know they will see so much more if they look into other places (like Facebook, Google Plus and etc. too).  So GET CURIOUS BACK!  You need to know about THEM to make your interviewing experience a richer, more meaningful one!


Top Facts To Find About The Hiring Manager

  1. Obviously you should know their name, but you can also find it using simple LinkedIn search techniques.
  2. Their Job Title
  3. Length of time at the current company and their career path at the company you are interviewing
  4. Previous Companies
  5. College's and Degree's
  6. Common Linkedin Groups
  7. Common Interests (if noted in the profile)
  8. How many links do they have and do you know anyone in common?


DO NOT REQUEST TO LINK WITH THEM!  They don't know you and they would like to keep it that way for now, usually until you get the job.  It is best if you can turn your profile settings on that hide what you look at within LinkedIn    Asking them to connect with you during the interview process feels to the interviewer like you are invading their you are sitting right in that lit living room with them all day, every day!

As you peer in on the interviewers background (you can adjust your privacy settings too to hide your identity while you do this), note commonalities of background, universities, home towns and etc.,.  Of course, do not mention you have done this!  After all, do you ever let on to your neighbors that you have  knowledge of every piece of new furniture that was moved off the truck and into their home?  Of course not!  You just ooh and awe, when you are invited over to see it, and pretend it is the first time you laid eyes on it! 

Handle your interview information garnered from being a LinkedIn Peeping Tom the same way.  You know what questions to ask and where the common ground is, because you know the answers before you ask them about their background.  Likewise, you won't share a story about how you disliked a company culture that was in your past, to only find out later that the interviewer was a former VP of Sales at that same company and loved it.  Believe me, THIS HAS HAPPENED!!

It may feel a little creepy to be a LinkedIn Peeping Tom, but it won't feel so creepy after you accept that new job offer over all the other folks who were just not as curious as you!

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