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Can you believe winter season is almost over? Where has this year gone? It has whizzed by.

I’ve been busy with a new job, perhaps as many of you.

I waited a very long time to secure this position, and want to do well, and display my value to the organization. Not long after I began, I learned my need for arthroscopic knee surgery! Not too bad, I just allowed that to be my Christmas vacation for 2011… not fun holiday event, but a time that took little from my work.

Now, this week, I had surgery #2 on the same knee! I slipped in a restaurant, and injured my newly worked-on knee. Can you imagine my thoughts? I just don’t have time for this!!

When I face such situations I must discipline my thoughts to align with the truth of God’s word… God is Sovereign. Things that affect me do not occur in a void, but with His full knowledge and awareness.

Pain has a strange isolating effect on us, and we tend to think more of self and less of others. I’m grateful today for others who thought of me and sent food, and the children who sent hand-drawn cards to wish me speedy healing. I was reminded of these words from a favorite song: “Got any rivers they say are un-crossable? Got any mountains you can’t tunnel through? God specializes in things thought impossible… He does the things others cannot do.” Originally, the builders of the Panama Canal penned these words, and I’m sure they thought they were engaged in something impossible!

Moses faced what seemed impossible and saw God provide daily food to His children in the Wilderness – they had no resources, no provision other than what He gave…

Whatever you face today, may you have time to think back to the FACT that God loves you, and cares for you, and knows exactly where you live! He’s even counted every hair on your head!!

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