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Defining the Ultimate Loser; a Job Candidate who does this and THINKS no one will find out!

Well, it just happened!  I encountered the ultimate loser in the world of interviewing; a top candidate (seemingly on paper), calling one hour before their first "face to face" interview to say they changed their mind.  Yep, just not showing up and stiffing the hiring manager and the recruiter!   By the way, the guy lived a short drive away from the hotel!  The conversation runs like this ONE HOUR before the 10:00 am interview:


"So sorry Linda, I just talked to my wife last night and changed my mind about this just isn't..."


Linda, cutting him off:

"Don't even tell me you are doing this one hour before the interview!  You knew last night?  That's bad enough but why did you not call me LAST NIGHT?"


I didn't wait for an answer, I abruptly said goodbye and hung up.  After all, who cares why he didn't call last night, he is now labeled as a loser from a Recruiter that is well connected AND a Vice President of sales who is equally well connected in the industry.  Hence, yes...someone in this medical industry IS going to find out what this candidate did!  This guy is actively looking for a job!  Recruiters talk and hiring managers talk; we all talk to each other.  

Let me go a step further, most recruiters have a databases where we have thousands of candidates' resumes, interview notes and a little button that puts a large RED LABEL across the resume that says DO NOT HIRE (with detailed notes of what happened).   That means that all recruiters within the firm passes on this candidate for ALL future openings.  Guess what?  So does the Hiring Manager!  You might be thinking, "So what?  Who cares that the Hiring Manager thinks I am a dork for stiffing him on the interview, who will find out anyway?"  Let me explain to the dorks that do this type of thing.

Hiring Managers usually are of two feathers;

  1. One category of managers will always be at the same company, at the same level, hiring for the same level of positions (smaller number of those types these days).
  2. The second category of managers are those that are promote-able and will go up the ladder at their company, perhaps even switch to other Divisions within the same company or move onto other companies to advance their careers.  

This last group of managers can kill that "no show candidates" future opportunities.  It happens, I have witnessed it!  It is a small world and it is getting even smaller in the medical sales world with consolidations, down-sizing's and yes, LinkedIn; everyone is talking to everyone!  You know most recruiters have a robust split network that encompass up to 10 other recruiting firms or more!  Guess who's resume is going nowhere?  Yep, the person who has the big red letters across their resume in a recruiter database.  So thinking no one will find out just won't happen.  What WILL happen is that you will never find out how many people did find out!  Funny how that works!

So remember, EVEN IF YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND and you are no longer interested in a job opportunity, NEVER NEVER just not show up, and certainly never ever cancel the evening before or the morning of the interview just because you changed your mind!  It reflects poorly upon you and your professionalism (or the lack thereof).  Lastly, you will never know if the person you were supposed to interview with could have been a valuable future career contact.  


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