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Facebook's Future To Replace Linkedin and Job Boards? Facebook Will Make Job Search Smart and Fun!

Facebook's announcement yesterday is just a tiny step towards where they are going on socializing your job search even more and pushing Job Boards and perhaps even Linkedin more towards becoming a relic of the past.  The large Job boards like Career Builder and Monster are already not the first place people go to find a job, they have been replaced by smaller more intimate Niche Job Boards and Aggregate Job Boards and of course Linkedin.


Linkedin has made some steam the past 3 years as a place to look for hiring companies and jobs, but boy do they make you work for the contacts!  I can tell you right now, my Job Candidates in their 20's do not like Linkedin and a few told me last week they deleted their account.  They were quite passionate when they said,  "I just like Facebook and I will use my contacts to network that way, it is just too much work with Linkedin and I haven't found a job with it anyway."  So Facebook it is and with Facebook's announcement yesterday of their Social Jobs Partnership with the Government (The Department of Labor), well it is just the beginning of what is to come!  You can see the Video Commentary of the program here.


So what is the future of job search?  Well, when I see owners of Job Boards getting nervous and feeling like things are slipping away from Job Board use (see one Job Board Owners Comments) due to Facebooks new announcement, I feel the winds of change coming.  Do you hear what I hear resonating behind his words: a realization that someone is getting ready to move his cheese and it might be difficult for a Job Board Owner to grab the change.  More likely, they will have to be satisfied with a smaller piece of the dwindling action of the future (sort of sounds like the newspaper of yore).


The Job Posts are shaking throughout the Job Board Jungle!  Even Linkedin has to be worried about this one!  Facebooks partnership program shows the glimmer of being an intuitive job seeking social platform: See the Mission of the Partnership that is centered upon non-profits but I think heading for our job seeking landscape of tomorrow.  Simply put, Facebook will make Job Search Smart!  How smart?  Well think of people years ago mailing in their resume's to a PO Box from a Classified Ad in a Newspaper, now how dumb does that sound now?  Well, I think Facebook will make the way we are doing job search and job postings seem just as dumb in the near future.


My bet is that just as Linkedin was not a real player in people connecting for jobs 5 years ago, things could really change again over the NEXT 5 years.  I would also like to mention that many Job Seekers tell me that Linkedin is nice but they have not garnered a job from it; that will be an interesting article to be centered upon in itself...who is getting jobs from Linkedin?  I can tell you I have placed no one YET from it and I am quite active upon it!  Came close a few times, but no one yet. 


Back on course; I think Facebook will be THE PLACE to find jobs within 3 to 4 years or less.  The young Job Seekers of today have grown up with it since High School and embrace it, use it, live with it, fall asleep at night with it and just NEED to get their daily fix on it; THEY SOCIALIZE WITH IT.  It is not work, it is fun!  Their friends activities float to them, they don't need to find their friend and then hit a button to see the party they missed last night or what they were doing!  Yep, all that activity just floated to them and they can decide what floats to them.  So get it?  Facebook is going to SOCIALIZE JOB SEEKING and they have just started with their new Dept. of Labor non-profit project.  Linkedin Job Seeking is work, Facebook Job Seeking promises to be just more of what they already do by making Job Seeking Fun; yes Job Seeking will be fun and Facebook knows they have a huge cult following with almost ALL college kids and recent graduates. They are ready to get their huge masses of users to tie directly to companies waiting to hire them!  College recruiting is going to be turn on it's head!


This is what you have to invision:


  1. You plug in your background and experience and jobs you qualify for float to you in the geography you live in or desire to live in.  Sound familiar? It is concept Facebook has been founded upon; your friends updates come to you vs. you seeking for a friends activity.  One way is fun, the other would be work.  Think Facebook vs. Linkedin, now there is the key difference!
  2. You plug in your education and experience and jobs come to you that you are qualified for now and, if you wish, jobs that you could qualify for with additional education or needed experience to put you on the path for that career change (jobs come up that you would qualify for towards that path).  Are you with me? 
  3. Now you know what skills or experience you need and guess what?  Information starts streaming to you directly to help you discover where you can gain those skills and experience; think educational programs, certificate programs, internships and yes, other suggested jobs beyond your original search.
  4. Let's say you find a job, and at least right now, you would be interfacing directly with the hiring companies who are in charge of hiring because they use Facebook for personal and now business.  HR better be ready!
  5. Career help, resume build and etc. would be streaming to you vs. you pecking around trying to google and find.
  6. Think of jobs coming to you with accompanying data: average pay for that job or like work, how many open jobs in the country in that field, future demand for that job.  Demographics and statistics of all types coming to you from just one Job Description.
  7. Need to know who works at the company?  It will come to you...all your friends who work there you will be able to see and do some confidential sending of message within the current Facebook set up to find out really what that company and manager are like to work for!  No direct friends?  No problem, your friend of a friend will get you to them quickly vs. this forwarding of email contact requests for the free Linkedin Program or paying a ton of money to send a larger number of limited inmails, simply no fun!

Now the vision is not YET here in the private sector, but it is for the non-profit world and how smart to test it all out with a government Social Jobs Partnership?  Yep, just plain smart and a whole lot of fun!  Let the fun begin and I bet it begins sooner vs. later.  Are you ready?


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