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FEBRUARY 17th NEWS QUIP to Members Only

News Quip just sent to Members directly;

Welcome to the new members since our last news Quip (We have had over 100 New Members join us this week)!  As always, feel free to forward this along to your friends in the industry and have them join us at We are a Members Only Group.



Several of you have asked me to give another update on the Job Market in our Medical Device and Pharma World.  In January jobs did pick up a bit (jobs that were put on hold in November and December and then re-opened first week of January).  As a result many of you started your new job this week as we filled those old job orders. 

We then experienced another beginning of February slow down..and then boom, this week and end of last week new job orders again!  We have several recruiters who are Members here and I also work with a handful of Split Recruiters and this seems to be the general feel so far into this year; Hot and then Cold.  Of course, the past 5 weeks have brought us numerous announcements of pharma and even medical device lay offs (KCI one of them).  I added two Job Blog Reports under the New Articles Published Segment towards the end of this News Quip that is looking more like a huge Newsletter again!

Let me give you a little trick on how to monitor all USA jobs as they increase and decrease weekly or even daily using the tools on our site: we have 2 Job tabs at the top of our site that can measure this for you:

  1. 1st Job Tab that has all the Medical Sales Jobs that feed in every night at midnight via (our affiliate) and it tracks the jobs across the USA with a number in the header (today we had 79,176 feed into the has gone as high as 88,000 last September: go ahead and take a peek at the Job Tab HERE (current info. will be there).  It is a general key word search, so there are jobs that are unrelated and may be BtoB, but it gives you an idea of job growth or shrinkage on any given day.
  2. 2nd Tab, Medical Sales Job Links, has all the jobs key word search and dissected jobs by market segment and position and they are jobs also downloaded from our affiliate every evening.  These are excellent for you to look at your specialty link to narrow down the job market at any given time.  For instance, as of today, there are 7,166 Hospital Medical Sales Jobs; go ahead and take a look at the Job by Sector Job Tab HERE.  The total job numbers are at the top once you key into your job link of choice.

Remember in doing this exercise, that the jobs feed in by general key word search from all job sites, and you can read how this wonderful aggregrate board works from an earlier article I wrote about Aggregate Job Boards.  That said, you will get duplicate jobs via recruiter and hiring companies posting the same job, plus a few jobs that got into the download that are not related to our industry, so I often reduce the job count TOTAL number by 25% to 30% to get a ball park on how many jobs are open in our sector at any given time.

I want to thank those of you who did use our hotline in the beginning of January to inform me of impending or newly released layoff' were all spot on!  Let's continue this, if you feel you have information on layoffs or new jobs ready to release (we do have a number of hiring managers in this Group), please feel free to email me at . I never reveal who gave me the information as it relates to layoffs planned or etc.,.

Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for your Membership on OUR site!  Continue to invite your friends to join us!

Remember to SCROLL Down this page to see ALL our News and Updates!

Have a Great Weekend,

Linda Hertz



         New Features On Our Site 

  • We are Beta Testing a new Chat Feature that we added late last night.  Wow!  Some of you are quick and got back to me trying to help us test the feature last night and this morning; thank you and see if this will be of value to you.
  • We added a few Videos that explain how to use Indeed, Simplyhired and Twitter as part of your Job Search (a reminder that we do have a complete library of Blog on how to use Linkedin HERE).


         New Articles Published (since last News Quip)

  • 114 Are Laid Off By KCI, San Antonio-based medical devices and biotechnology firm Kinetic Concepts Inc. announced 127 layoffs on Tuesday, 114 of them in San Antonio, most involving administrative positions, as the company realigns its three business units.....
  • Building a Successful Portfolio Similar To Building A Winning Footb..., “I stay 100% invested in 30 DG stocks. Before I can buy a new one, I need to sell an old one. If the new stock is fundamentally better than one of my current stocks, I sell the one to buy the other. Many times the new one cannot displace an old one, so I don't do anything. All the stocks.....
  • Is Your Email Address Showing YOUR Age? Get Hip With It!, I was going through a number of resumes this past week and I started to laugh at some of the email addresses.  Why? Because some of them just shout, "Hello there, I am really old and....
  • Pharma's High Number of January Layoffs Driven by a Handful of Comp..., 4,000 plus jobs and counting...
  • Recent College Graduate and No Job? Here Are Some Strategies, Regardless of what the most recent job number may be, College Graduates are still having a tough time finding a job (even some of you who graduated within the past 3 years!).  It is especially tough if your degree is in.....
  • The Strategic Career Hunt For The Employed,  ....people often share with me the other company names and jobs they are interviewing with and most times I ask, "Why?...Why that Job for YOU?" Many did not have a clear answer. Others sometimes have a vague feeling or a partially thought-out response, "I need to reduce my travel" or I heard, "I feel stagnant." Some said the classic, "I need.....  
  • Great 2011 Stock Review and Look Forward 2012 Analysis, As most of you know I am an active Stock Trader.  I am involved in several Stock Training Programs and On going stock news.  This is a Link that InvestView allows Paying Members (me) to send once per year FREE to family and friends (YOU).  It is an excellent ....



  • Linda Hertz Group has several HOT jobs:
  • Medical Disposable/Device Sales Manager for Primary Care in FL (EAST Coast)
  • Critical Care Nurse for Clinical Support in Los Angeles
  • Medical Sales Rep. In Hawaii
  • Product Manager out of Boston, MA
  • Clincical Support Nurse, RT or PR in Redding, CA.
  • You can see these jobs and more at our Linda Hertz Group Jobs viewing page HERE.
  • See our link to ALL the Medical Device Sales and Clinical Support Jobs from ALL sources uploaded nightly: it is on our Medical Sales Job Links Tab!

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