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You know the people that love to play Black Jack and always seem to be winning (the ones you watch winning vs. the lying braggart's that seem to win only after you go to bed!). Well, the ones that are good are Black Jack Players, they know how to play the hand, they know the deck, they know the house and they WIN.


OK, you are currently working and you just don't have the time to find ALL the jobs out there. Worse, you are out of work and you are sick of going to all those places I mentioned in my earlier article and you are now cross eyed and frankly, running into the same job posted multiple times on multiple sites!


Well, one size does fit all here: your answer is to be an Aggregate Player on the right Job Boards and you must hone your skills to play at this table!


The Wikipedia Definition:

"An aggregate is a collection of items that are gathered together to form a total quantity".


An Aggregate job board does just that, in web terms it sends a search spider out every night, typically around midnight in each time zone, and searches for all jobs that are posted on various Web Job Sites (Think The Ladders, Healthcare Reps., *, Sales Gravy), Hiring Company Job Sites and Recruiter Websites and gathers those jobs ALL together in one spot to produce "total quantity"! So cool, so easy and updated EVERY NIGHT! All this FREE to you!


HERE IS YOUR EASY GUIDE to taking advantage of these wonderful job hunt tools:


  1. There are two main Aggregate Job Boards (which I like best and provided a search link for you on our Job Tab below the Linda Hertz Group Jobs HERE) and and one blended board I co-own that is free: (recruiters post jobs AND Indeed Feeds their jobs down at midnight).
  2. Use key words to find your jobs on and (like medical sales), each will have a little different mix but you will see all the jobs that were publicly posted.
  3. If you don't want to use Key Word Search, use that has already key word searched for you from Indeed.
  4. Look at ALL the pages of jobs presented, NOT just the ones in the top where big companies have paid for the right to be on the top, in fact often these big names make you pay to join their sites and apply.



Now here is the fun part. I often hear Job Seekers tell me that they saw a job posted by a recruiter but they can't figure out what company is actually hiring with added complications living near a big city (Dallas has more jobs than Little Rock going at any given time).


A true Aggregate Player can figure that out in a few minutes, or at least narrow it down to just a couple of hiring companies very quickly. What you do when you identify the players is a whole other article!


First of all, as a refresher, almost all large hiring companies have their job websites pulled into the Aggregate too. Here is how to find it amongst all those recruiters and job board generic postings:

  1. Try to narrow your key word search to define your background. For example if you are a representative with wound care background, just put your key words "sales, wound" and watch the jobs stream up. You will quickly see everyone who is searching for that job AND the hiring company.

Now I can't give all my secrets away in this article, but there is a strategy to maximize this information so you can get yourself in the best position for getting recognized for that job over the others! That is for yet another article that I will link to once it is completed here.


For now, you have the information you need to be a great Aggregate Player playing with a full deck! Now go play the game!

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