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Five Insights on Why Leadership is Everyone's Business!

1. Input from every level of an organization is a key reason industries are known as movers and shaker’s. To stand out and be noticed it takes a “nation”. It isn’t only the people in your company that matter anymore. It is a collaborative view from your inner and outer tribe. (“A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea” – “Tribes – We Need You to Lead Us” – Seth Godin)


  1. 2. By transferring some of the leadership to the smaller players in your organization you begin to empower them to share their brilliance. Freeing up the creativity in unrelated departments invites participation, new ideas, and ownership of the “project” vision and desired outcome. By creating openings for contribution you enrich as a leader and create people willing to follow dynamically.


  1. 3. Your outer clients/customers have constantly shifting viewpoints, different priorities, and fleeting loyalty. When you are working with a moving target leading becomes more challenging. By engaging the thinkers, the idea people, and the creative artists in your organization, and on your teams, you begin to shift your mindset and become more open to making the swift changes that make a difference. Invite your follower’s to participate by listening to their input and ideas of how to keep them interested.


  1. 4. It is especially important in product driven companies to find the sparks that fire up loyalty. Why are they choosing you and your product over the competition? Hone in on that, take it to your “creative team”, and see how to expand your reach. You might be surprised at the ideas that come from someone in an unrelated part of your inner or outer organization.


  1. 5. Things to ask yourself as you make leadership everyone’s responsibility -
    • Am I engaging the brilliance of everyone on my team, or just a few?
    • How am I staying current with the changing dynamics and needs of our customers?
    • How am I preparing the others in my organization or team to lead our outer tribe?
    • What way is social media being utilized by the inner and outer influencers?


Let us know how you use collaborative leadership to inspire and influence! How is it working? What else is working for you?


Thank you!

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