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Getting Your Resume Noticed; Use The Linkedin Trickle Down Technique!

I often do get this question and I decided to make it a short Blog.  This question came in today from one of our Members:


I hope you are well.  I am reviewing a posting for (company name omitted) on Med Reps,  in house recruiter (Recruiter Name omitted).

Should I try to establish contact through Linkedin with Linkedin as well as apply through MedReps website?

My thought is how to ensure my resume doesn't get lost in shuffle. 

I am sure you have already posted this type scenario in your blog/website.. 




My Answer:

Mark…just remember…when you apply to the in house are dead in the Outside Recruiter can present you for at least a year...or even perhaps are dependent upon that one Inside Recruiter responding to your resume or worse, you are thrown into a database that is huge and never found again. For that reason I always suggest going first through a STRONG OUTSIDE recruiter FIRST then, If the hiring company does not use Outside Recruiters, then use the Linkedin Trickle Down Technique (you can still use this Technique if you applied to that Inside Recruiter already...but more effective if you did not already submit your resume into that waste bucket).  I would suggest you go to Linkedin FIRST and go to the top person (employee of that company who is the top boss within the Division or Department you wish to work) you can send an inmail IF YOU ARE A GREAT MATCH for the job.  Use what I call the Trickle Down Theory:

  1. Inmail the president and tell him you would like to send him your resume that there is a job posting for..if he says apply on line...
  2. Then go to the VP of Sales..same thing..if he says apply on line (or if no one responds within 2 days) then..
  3. Go to the next level the RVP or next person down in the pecking order until
  4. You get to the Hiring Manager..if no go there..
  5. Find a person who may work for the hiring manager

You want your resume to trickle down from above so it reaches the right hands. An Inside Recruiter who receives a resume from a President, VP or Hiring Manager is going to react to it in a much different manner than one that comes in off the street from a Job Posting (or even an outside recruiter). If they use an Outside Recruiter and you know how to find the Outside Recruiter working that job, then try to find them, then ask them the right questions that you have learned to ask from this site.  Don't like what you hear from that Outside Recruiter? Then do the Linkedin Trickle Down Technique I outlined in this quick Blog (see our full Linkedin Training Series); remember, water always trickles down hill so why start at the bottom of the hill?

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Comment by Jamie Cooke on March 19, 2012 at 4:40pm


I am looking for a position in the Pittsburgh, PA area selling medical/surgical products.

Is anyone aware of any available positions?


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