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Hi everyone! 

I thought I would start a blog and have everyone contribute their thoughts on how they get around the "gatekeeper" to make the sale. Having a few great tips from talented people on this network might benefit everyone.


    My biggest tip: to call first and get the name of the office manager or person in charge of setting up meetings with the doctor. Then I get details about what procedures the doctor uses, what companies he/she uses, the results of the products, any problems with certain procedures or issues patients are having etc etc ( I normally tell the office I am doing a school project and that this will help me write a paper for XYZ class on healthcare management. The second they think I am a student they are more inclined to give me information most reps would never get). Make sure you have the name of the school you are attending handy and your "fake name". 


   Next I go into the office and ask for the office manager by name. I tell them I have these products to address these procedures that I know the office uses. I also ask them specific pointed questions to try to uncover  "issues I learned of from my previous phone call". I then try to present that manager with a solution to a problem they have implicated. I always have some material available and in general am able to then secure either an immediate meeting with the doctor or a meeting at a later date.


   Sometimes you will not get a lot of information even when you pretend to be a student. That's ok. I have gone in several times to meet the medical assistants and bond with them in hopes of picking their brain about the kinds of patients they see, the diagnosis’s that are common to the clinic and in general their thoughts on what kinds of patients continually return to the doctor and why ... this can give great leverage when finally connecting with the office manager. Then when I have what I need I can go into great depth with that person in charge and it’s well worth the few times I had to drop by. The office manager or head nurse is around the doctor all the time and the ones he/she trusts. I always try to build a strong relationship with them because some offices have a no rep policy. You will be surprised how much that no rep policy goes away once the office manager or head nurse likes you.


What is everyone else’s tips??

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Comment by Devin Hughes on March 30, 2011 at 12:36pm

Hi Ellyse-


Are you selling pharmaceuticals?


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