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Not long ago I visited a Chevrolet dealership in downtown Houston, speaking with a fleet salesperson. He began our conversation telling me how his family doctor died that day, and proceeded to share his grief and alarm.  He wondered about Heaven and life after death, etc.

This is a story I shared with him that day:

Jesus introduced the phrase, born-again, and because He is the only one who did, I think it has significance.   Jesus used this phrase in his conversation with Nicodemus [John 3] where he told Nic he must be born-again. 

Nic was a grown man when this conversation occurred—he found this phrase quizzical. He responded to Jesus by asking, “Why, how in the world do I do that? Go back into my mother’s womb and be born again?”  And, Jesus replied, “Of course not.” However, Jesus did continue to compare spiritual birth with physical birth. 

This comparison made me think quite a bit, and my thoughts went like this: what role does a child play in his/her conception? What does a child “do” to be born? As I pondered, I realized that a child’s birth establishes a family relationship. The newborn becomes part of the family forever. Death does not change the family relationship. Severed relationships do not alter family relatedness, etc.

Then I thought about family characteristics; how every family has certain traits, or behaviors that are common to “the family.”  In a similar way, God’s family has certain traits and characteristics.

THE most significant point is whether one has been born. Now birth is an event; something you know. In some countries, people are born but births not recorded, so persons may not know THE date of birth—but their presence lets everyone know they were born at some time.  The same is true regarding spiritual birth. There is something significant and identifiable about being born by God’s Holy Spirit. We just know… and, often others recognize this as well.

The man I spoke with that day said, “Well! I know I am not part of that family!” referring to God’s family.  I said, “Well, good.”  “Now, why would you say that?” he asked. “Because” I said, “now you know what family you ARE part of, and I will pray you will be conceived!”  The Holy Spirit communicates with each one in a most personal way, letting you know you are not right with God. I think this may differ from person to person, but you have an unrest you are not right with Holy God.

According to the Bible, there are only two families in this world: God’s family, and everyone else.  There is actually a verse where Jesus said, “…you are of your father the devil.” John 8:44.

My hope is you are part of God’s eternal family. I welcome your questions or comments.


By Anita Onarecker Wood, Christian Minister and Author


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Comment by Anita Onarecker on March 18, 2011 at 6:58am
Thank you Ellyse; nice to hear from you. So sorry for you loss, you must have loved your grandmother very much.  An interesting thought/fact is: when one is born-again that is when you begin a life with God. Right here, right now.  When you are born again, His spirit lives within you. Do you have a Bible? If so, I'll send you some parts to read. Has there been a specific time when you made a decision "yes" to God? Because of Jesus' death on the cross, he paid the cost of all our sin, and made it possible for us to be born to God. Have a super day, and so glad to hear from you.
Comment by Ellyse Lamon on March 17, 2011 at 9:36pm

This is really lovely. My grandmother just recenetly passed away at the age of 99. People tell me all the time shes in a better place etc etc. I am very religious but even sometimes I believe a bit of doubt can come into your mind when it is your own loved ones in question. I had a few hours of doubt myself wondering if there was a place my grandmother was going and if she was happy.

 It has taken me a while to finally get over the fact that now her life has really started with god. That even though she is not with me physically she is with me in spirit. I really like your blog on this same idea. It really made me feel like I had arrived at the same conclusion.


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