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Job Boards Worthless? List of 10 Resume Dings Makes It So

I recently saw a Linkedin Discussion on whether was worth using as a Job Seeker.  You can find this long running topic as a discussion on the dicey Cafe Pharma too if you would like the four lettered word version!  Both discussion forums are littered with upset reps who did not get any responses after applying to numerous job postings (one person indicated they responded to 20 jobs with no response)!  On the other hand, a few satisfied Job Seekers indicate they used it in the past and not only did they get numerous responses, but it had resulted in more than one job offer!  Wow, how come there are so many upset with or any Job Board for that matter, when there appears to be SOME people who love it? 


First of all, I almost always indicate on these discussion that I have placed MANY candidates through the years from and other Job Boards too (I co-own FREE board, so a little disclaimer there!).  In fact, many other recruiters typically chime in and post the same comments; it works!  So given the recruiters responses (the brave ones that will reveal their hand), and I might add I have never read a written word from a recruiter YET indicating they hate for placements.  That said, they do hate that ratted them out by allowing hiring companies (their clients) to post jobs over 2 years ago.  That board must be working pretty well for those Recruiters to get so upset! 


So given that recruiters know that plenty of people get jobs off these boards or WE WOULDN'T PAY for the postings, then what's up with these many Job Seekers who are just disgusted with the non-response to THEIR RESUME's being called out for a job opportunity?  We all know that dissatisfied people tend to write more about a topic than those that were satisfied with a service, so let's keep that in mind too.  In addition, realize that if one job post gets 100 applications, only SOME of the best qualified people are going to be called and then only ONE person get's the job!  MANY do not get called, so who are those few who do?  Those with no to few Resume Dings and pay attention to the Job Post Requirments AND "nice to have" or Optional Requirements.  This article will address identifying the resume dings, I did write an older article that is still valid called; I Have All of the Qualifications! Why Am I Not Getting the Job? 


As I continue, I don't want anyone to feel badly here, but I think it is time for me to share a few recruiter thoughts.  I will warn you; proceed with caution if you are one of these lonely "no call back" Job Seekers AND you want to take a good look at your resume through a Recruiter or Hiring Manager's eye's!  Remember, It might not be your resume, it may be the jobs you are applying for or it could be BOTH! 


So let's address the Resume Ding List in this Blog.  Boy I hate to write this, but here goes; if a resume has some inherent "dings" on it (in other words, known as a resume blemish), then you will not be called.  How many dings will prevent you from being called?  That is hard to say, but I will tell you this, the more dings you have, the greater the chance your resume will not get a response.  In this marketplace, no hiring manager needs to take a resume with even perhaps one ding on it (especially if the Job Post is running in a heavily populated professional marketplace like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc.).  Just like looking for a new car (old or used) it can be just perfect until you see a ding, however small, on the door panel or on the front fender...then you begin to fixate upon it and if the price were exactly the same, would you pick the shiny car with a ding or no ding?  Exactly!


Inherent Resume Ding List

  1. Unemployed for 2 months; 1/2 a Ding
  2. Unemployed for 6 months; 1 Ding
  3. Unemployed for more than a year; 2 Dings (and both are potentially fatal Dings unless this market picks up)
  4. Not in current Position for a MINIMUM of 3 to 4 years;1 Ding  
  5. New Job every 2 to 3 years; 2 Dings (job hopper Dings)
  6. Formatting on the resume is from Outer Space; 1 Ding (too much work to read Ding)
  7. PDF file vs. a Word Doc Resume; 1 Ding (most top people do not use PDF formatting)
  8. No Degree; 2 Dings (for Jobs that demand it..think Fortune 500)
  9. If in Sales, NO AWARDS, NO Quota etc.; 1 Ding (Fatal Ding for top companies like a Medtronic and etc.)
  10. Professional Employ started in the 1960's; 2 Dings Tough one, Job Boards are not age friendly

If you have not been getting any responses with your resume on a Job Board AND you feel you do have an inherent resume ding (maybe even one that I failed to mention), then stop doing the insane by continuing to apply over and over again to jobs without a response!  You know the definition of insanity and you are living it!  You must change it up and use a different approach to finding your next job opportunity, chances are it will not come from a Job Posting.  Yes, FOR YOU, a Job Board IS worthless!  So move off slamming a Job Board and onto other constructive ways for you to approach the job market (I know, more articles I need to write, but a Linkedin Training series I recently completed may be another ticket for you to try!). 


I mentioned earlier that it might not be your resume, that it may be the Jobs you are applying to.  This problem has nothing to do with your resume having an Inherent Resume Ding; YOU may be creating a temporary Resume Ding applying to jobs that are just not a STRONG fit for your resume.  So let me leave you with that thought for now and I will write the next article, Does Your Resume Measure Up to the Job Post, and perhaps that will help those of you that are scratching your heads and saying, "But I don't have an inherent resume ding, why am I still part of the lonely job seekers waiting for the phone to ring"? 


For some of you perhaps a little bell went off in your head and you HEARD a "ding, ding"!  That type of ding could be your wake up call to getting a new job using a different method and not wasting your time or money on a Job Board. 

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