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LinkedIn 101: Why you Need It and Instructions to Build Your COMPLETE Profile Professionally

OK, I am getting paid 0 to post this LinkedIn piece, but I still get a number of calls from professionals saying they do not know how to really use Linkedin or how it works.  First of all just trust me on this, YOU NEED a free Linkedin account!  I will go one step further, once you get your free account, you need to know how to set it up FULLY...yes 100%.  Linkedin will become part of your Job Insurance Plan for the future; if anything happens to your company or your job you need to have an immediate resource to go to find another one!  Build your network now, think of it as you would any other insurance plan that you wouldn't think of going without, like car or home insurance; you may never need it, but it makes you feel safe knowing you have it!  This insurance plan can even be free and cost you maybe an hour a month of your time to build little by little!  How strongly do I feel about this?  Read on!  See the entire Linkedin Training Series.


There are only two types of people who do NOT need an account; dead people and those that are maybe 65 or 70 years old who are NEVER going to work again and probably don't care about staying in contact with their professional network, let alone growing it.  So if you are in one of those two can skip this Blog, I am assuming if you are in the first Group you are not reading this Blog or any other Blog for that matter (rest in peace)!


Why LinkedIn?  They just hit the 100 Million Members Mark last month (March, 2011); it is simply growing to be the best place to find and connect with others and it's functionality and possibilities far exceeds any job board, especially a huge Job Board like Career Builder, Monster or Hot Jobs.  Has anyone looked at the 30% dive that Monster took to their stock value last week?  It isn't just because there are fewer jobs, it is because Job Boards are still needed, but they are old technology.  Even The Ladders is finally trying to pitch some new Pipeline Program (It may be a Pipe Dream) to catch up and compete with Linkedin and Facebook....too late!  I call it the Block Buster Syndrome (Yes, they were being auctioned off today and as of this morning couldn't find anyone who wanted them).  You must think of LinkedIn as where things are headed and straight Job Boards may be ending up where Block Buster is today....5 to 10 years from now.  It takes awhile to get slow adapters over, so get ahead and understand the game of the future to preserve and enhance your career ahead of the dead heads (is this getting morbid or what?)!


If you are a real beginner, I will insert their quick summary of the business model below from You Tube (if you know about Linkedin and understand what it is about..then skip this and go beneath the video for more instruction on building out your profile.


Ok, so now on to the living who need to build an insurance plan for the day they may need a job or would get darn excited if someone called them out of the blue with a new job that paid a ton more money than they are currently making!  Both of these scenarios are more likely to happen if you open a LinkedIn account AND build out a full profile.  I don't want to go any farther in the process in this Blog article..this is Linkedin 101!  If you can just register and start the process, I will address later in Linkedin 102 how to build your network safely (inviting people to Link to You and enticing them to request you too!).


As a side note, I am astounded on companies selling programs for big money on how to use LinkedIn; give me a break, you can find most of it FREE. In fact, did you know that Linkedin provides one FREE LINKEDIN WEBINAR per week called the Basics of Linkedin? So don't pay any money for a third party program on how to use LinkedIn unless you don't have the time or just could not be bothered and have money for someone else to do it.  I am here to give you the links and free advice on this blog.   Again, if you have the time and inclination, I will give you everything in this LinkedIn Series so you can do it yourself!  Up to you!


So let's get going!  EVEN if you feel you have a great Profile you should read through the tips BELOW on my April 10th Add on piece to this Blog (I found Link Problems on LinkedIn's own site!; so I corrected it for you and added a second segment below so you can just stay on this Blog to get all the answers!).


As you complete your profile pay attention to the % to completion bar (you want to get to 100% eventually) AND that you are using as many KEY WORDS as possible throughout your profile!  Key Words are important because people who may be trying to find a Medical Device Sales Person for an example, will use those key words to find you in the Advanced Search Option available on your Search button (upper right hand side of your profile page).  If you don't have the right key words on your profile to match your background may NEVER be found! You should also be aware that as you are building your profile the information is being saved into a PDF File that resembles a Resume.  After you are done building your profile, open the PDF Formatted Profile sheet and see if you need to make some adjustments.  Whatever you do, don't send that PDF File out as your resume It is not that professional to use and a PDF format is just terrible to use for resume purposes anyway (always use a Word Doc. Resume).  The PDF file is there if one of your contacts (your Level 1 contacts) want to download something quickly on you.  We will get into those little perks in later Blogs within this series.


So what are you waiting for?  Get started now and I will bring you along as I write to help you master LinkedIn. Register NOW for a Free Account and begin building your profile COMPLETELY; make sure to upload a professional head shot picture, with a smiling face (assuming you have a full set of teeth and they are not yellow!) with some professional attire (e' least from the waist up!).  Not having a picture or an unprofessional picture is a big no no in LinkedIn Land.  So put on a smile and don't worry about your pants!


By Linda Hertz why not invite me to Linkedin with you today?

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Comment by Linda Hertz on April 10, 2011 at 9:54am

One more thing, EVERYONE asks me how to get one of those cool LinkedIn button that I use on this site to promote this one:

View Linda Hertz's profile on LinkedIn

or this one:

View Linda Hertz's LinkedIn profileView Linda Hertz's profile

There are many to select from for YOUR profile when you click in here after you set up your account!

You merely cut and paste the HTML code next to the button size you like and paste it where you need it!

That is it for LinkedIn 101! If you do have further PROFILE only questions, please insert them in the question box below and I will answer. Now I ate up all my time for LinkedIn 102 (how to use the darn thing and tricks to build up your base of contacts). So stay tuned!


Linda Hertz
Comment by Linda Hertz on April 10, 2011 at 9:47am

I was getting ready to write LinkedIn 102 when I found there were some Link issues on LinkedIn's own page that I Linked to in my above Blog!  I decided to add the LinkedIn page below with the corrections.

Again, it is very important you get your Profile set up correctly to enhance your experience inviting people to LinkedIn with you and hopefully have others want to request YOU to Linkedin with THEM.  So Here is the step by Step guide below and I fixed the Links for you on this site.  I also will make some notes after each segment (if needed) for addtional pointers.


Your snapshot features an overview of your name, location, current title, past positions, education, recommendations, and links to your websites. Think of it as your next-generation business card.

When viewing other profiles, you will see a list of icons and options to the right of the snapshot.

  • Send a message: Send a message to the user if you are connected, an inMail if you are not
  • Add to your Nework: Adds the user to your network
  • Recommend: Write a recommendation for your connection
  • Forward profile: Have someone you know in common introduce you
  • Get introduced: Write a recommendation for your connection
  • Search for references: Search through the user’s companies for potential references
  • One Click Reference: Conduct a quick reference check on the person that you are viewing
  • Print: Prints out the profile you are currently viewing
  • PDF: Saves a PDF Version of the profile that you are viewing
  • Download vCard: Download your connections details into your address book


Your status message allows you to share professional updates with your network. By displaying things like what you’re currently working on, and where you’re planning on traveling to, etc., you invite your network to help you with advice and recommendations. You can set your status message by clicking “What are you working on?” on the left column of every page, under your name and profile photo.


Your professional photo allows the people you’ve met and previously worked with to quickly identify you. Many people find it far easier to remember a face than a name— photos help bring that comfort to LinkedIn.

Click here to get started.

Public Profile

Your snapshot also includes a link to your “Public Profile” – the profile that will be shown to users not signed-in to LinkedIn that are searching for you via search engines like Google.

Click “Edit Public Profile settings” (this is a wrong link on their site..I corrected it for you, you can also see more on this on the Contact Settings Segment below) to control which parts your profile will be visible to search engine users. You can make your profile completely private (it will not come up with web searches), turn it on to full-view, or customize the display of individual elements.

You can also select a personalized “Vanity URL” for your public profile – giving you a custom web address for linking to and promoting your profile. Once you’ve chosen your URL, you can your profile by featuring it on business cards, email signatures, your blog etc.


Summarizing your professional experience and goals allows other users to quickly learn about your background and interests. This is your chance to provide an engaging 30-second description that highlights who you are and what you do— think of it as your personal elevator pitch.

The specialties field allows you to list your areas of expertise that will help potential employers and partners find you when they are looking for a specific skill-set or knowledge-base. Click here to start writing your summary.


Sorted in chronological order, your professional experience is displayed along with any recommendations you have received. Your position descriptions should briefly explain what the company does, and what your main responsibilities and accomplishments were. Use clear, succinct phrases here—and break them into digestible chunks so even on a quick-scan your accomplishments shine through.

While typically similar to what’s on your resume, you should be sensitive to financial numbers, launch plans, etc that your (previous) employer would consider confidential.


Sorted in chronological order, your educational background is displayed along with associated activities and honors. Where and what you studied can provide a great insight into who you are and open up valuable connections to alumni, professors, and others with similar backgrounds.

Additional Information

The additional information profile element allows you to give users more insight into your professional qualifications by providing the following:

  • Websites: link to a personal blog, company website, etc
  • Interests: list the things that you enjoy doing, learning about, etc
  • Groups and Associations: either list professional organizations or display badges of LinkedIn groups that you are a part of
  • Honors and Awards


Recommendations help illustrate your achievements, project credibility, and show why people enjoy working with you.


LinkedIn Answers allows you to showcase your knowledge and interests. Any questions and answers you post on LinkedIn will be displayed in your profile should you choose. Get started on LinkedIn Answers today.

Contact Settings

LinkedIn is committed to your privacy by making sure you only receive communications and opportunities that you desire.

What type of messages will you accept?
Choose Introductions and InMail if you’re open to receiving most kinds of relevant opportunities. Descriptions of InMails and Introductions are available by clicking here .

Only accepting Introductions means that when you are contacted about an opportunity, it will have to be approved and forwarded to you by a trusted connection.

Opportunity Preferences
Choose the kinds of opportunities you would like to be contacted by other members of LinkedIn about. For example, if you are not open to leaving your job or doing free-lance, you might uncheck Career opportunities, Consulting ventures, and Expertise requests, but leave the rest so you can get back in touch, find out about business deals, and be contacted by people who want to work with/for you.

Advice to users considering contacting you
Include comments on your availability, types of projects or opportunities that interest you, and what information you’d like see included in a request. To avoid unwanted contacts, do not include contact information, since your response will be visible to your entire network. Details of what fellow LinkedIn users and non-LinkedIn users can see along with how you can control this is found in the Privacy Settings.






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