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LinkedIn 104; 6 Tricks To Gaining SMART Contacts to POWER Your Career and Job Search!

If you have made it this far in my LinkedIn Training Series, then you are becoming a serious student and clearly see the value in of getting the RIGHT contacts to become Linkedin with you!  Job Seekers and those wishing to build a base of long term contacts that can power your career into the future should focus on one goal; to successfully expand the career reach beyond immediate contacts and begin the art of attracting SMART outside contacts.  Yes, SMART contacts, not that plumber I mentioned in my earlier Blog (I am sure there are SMART plumbers out there, but they are not going to help your career in the medical sales industry!).


These tricks are much easier to learn than pulling a rabbit out of a hat or trying to hit a double digit sales quota when you just lost a major GPO or IDN contract!


6 Tricks for adding SMART contacts to Power Your Career and Job Search

  1. Identify people who are working in your industry or the industry you want to break into and works within the same job discipline as yours (i.e.; salespeople connecting with salespeople or sales management).
  2. Identify people who are working within specific companies that you would like to work for.  Keep in mind, that it may be nice to connect with other job disciplines that would interface with the position you are seeking (i.e.: a Clinical Support Nurse reaching out to people in sales, or sales people reaching out to Marketing people).
  3. Search your CURRENT contacts, contacts!  Just go to your industry buddies profile page and hit that blue link "connections".  It is time to see if your friends have people you would like to know too.  Just go through their contacts (if they have not made them always will see contacts in common) and hit that orange Add XYZ to Your Network.  NOTE: NEVER JUST USE Linkedin's pre-written one liner request...ALWAYS customize by saying; "Hi John, I see we are both friends of Tina Smith, I work with her at Baxter (or whatever the connection), could I connect with you too.  Hope so and take care.  Regards..." This touch alone will increase your contact acceptance rate..promise.
  4. Seek out people who have a professional smiling headshot picture (no pictures of fido, could be a clue the dog is better looking than they are!) and they have a completed professional profile.
  5. Seek out people who already have a lot of contacts that meet the above criteria AND have at least a minimum of 250 to 350.  These people understand Linkedin a bit and less likely to refuse you.  More contacts mean they really get it and are PRETTY SMART with Linkedin too.
  6. Seek out people who are at least part of one Group and ideally at least 2 to 3 Groups.  The Groups should be ones that you would be interested in too.  These Linkedin contacts are REALLY SMART and even less likely to refuse you!   JOINING YOUR INDUSTRY GROUPS are key to expanding beyond your network of current contacts (you can connect to others in a Group if YOU are a member too!). Just remember, you can join up to 50 Groups (5 approx. at a time), make sure they are valid Groups with a LARGE number of Members to give you maximum exposure of SMART people to Link with others.  Just visit my profile if you are in Medical Sales to see the Groups I am in for a good example of SOME effective Groups in our industry. *I have provided a Linkedin Video explaining Groups and how to work within them at the END of this blog for your use.

Just remember, the ultimate trick is this: to gain a SMART contact, YOU have to be a SMART contact!  Yep, YOU gotta look like a Smart Contact so you will attract other Smart Contacts, or at least get the Smart Contacts to think you are Smart and say "YES" to your invite.  Gosh, here I go again (if you have read some of my earlier Blogs), it sure sounds a lot like dating doesn't it? Who wants to connect and go out on a blind date with someone who looks like a dud with nothing to offer?  I guess that would correlate to being a Linkedin Loser!

Now you must be wondering how all this work is going to end up getting you a job if you are a Job Seeker, right?  Well, you must know find out some quick ways of seeing the jobs posted on Linkedin and figuring out who works there, that takes us to Linked in 105.  Stay with me, this is where we go from Smart to almost Genius!


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* Linkedin Video Explaining How Groups Work; don't worry...just join them and comment on a few blogs (no need to do all the work they talk about!  Let the Recruiters, HR People and Marketers do all the other activities they mention below...Smart Contact's work...well Smart). 


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