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Fear of Unemployment? 8 Questions to see if YOU are Protected!

Sounds stupid doesn't it, the mere idea your job or corporation is helping you to lose your identity? Perhaps you should ask yourself some tough questions FIRST before you laugh this one off! If you say "yes" to even one of the following questions, you may be giving a piece of your identity away, along with the ability to easily transition to a new job or find a job if you become unemployed suddenly.


How many could you answer with a "yes"?

  1. You had your own cell phone but your company wouldn't reimburse you for it, they mandated that you use their shiny new company owned cell-PDA device du-jour, along with a new cell phone number (a number you may not be able to keep after you leave your job). You are frugal, so you decided to get rid of your phone and personal cell number you have had for years to save money.
  2. The only e-mail address you really use is your company issued one and all your Marriott Accounts, Personal Visa, Expedia Accounts, personal friends, kids school stuff and business contacts are tied to it. You are efficient and you feel it is best to have everything in one place tied a noose?
  3. You only have one old e-mail address from college that you never use, but you think it is still active and resembles something like this: or
  4. You have a "family" e-mail box shared with your wife (how cute!) and you personally never use it, but you say to yourself "boy, I could use it if I had to in a pinch". Those read like, or, or, or I see sales managers and even higher level executive use these type of email addresses to send their professional resumes and it shouts, "hello, I lost my job, I am scrambling to get my resume out quickly and I don't really want to take the time to get my own e-mail address".
  5. You only use your company lap top and that little baby has ALL your files from work, personal stuff, pass codes, contacts and, by the way, who cares about backing anything up...well, ok, you did back it up a year ago! It doesn't count if you have a personal lap top that you rarely use!
  6. The only car you have is the company issued one and if you lost your job, you do not have enough savings or credit to lease another. Trying to get a loan on a new car without a job!
  7. You just bought or leased a new car; your company said you would lose the $500 monthly auto reimbursement because your car is getting too old (or too much mileage on it). Things are tight, but you get a new car that BIG TIME exceeds the reimbursement and if that job ever goes away, you are going to have to turn it in quickly (you really could not afford it without the reimbursement). So not only do you lose your job, but your car too.
  8. You put ALL your expenses (personal and business) on the Amex Company Charge Card because they let you keep the travel points and pay the personal portion on your own. Your other card is a personal one that has a low credit ceiling because you never use it enough to build up your individual credit limit.

OK, if you said no to all of these 8 questions, then you are going to be fine. You will be ready when you decide to leave your job or the terrible flip-side of that: your manager calls you to meet him at the airport where he fires you, while collecting your lap top, phone, and informing you that your e-mail account has been disabled (yes they do that, and in fact I had to do that during one re-organization with a large company). It happens and you will be shocked and hurt, but not stripped fully of your identity; you can function, you have all YOUR own tools and resources at home to start the Job Search or to begin that new job with very little transition worries.

If you answered yes, to even one of the questions, you may be at risk. Some areas are more critical than others: having a PERSONAL cell phone, lap top,e-mail address and contact "back up" system, IF the job goes away, just makes plain sense! Yes, even if you have another job lined up, you should have this ready to go at all times!

I know that all of you are busy doing jobs that at best are 50 hours per week. Those of you that are Managers, Executives or high travel Medical Sales Reps. or Clinical Support People are often gone for sometimes up to 3 collective weeks per month! Add the required evening customer entertainment and corporate dinner meetings, then you are lucky to have any time for yourselves and your family! Unfortunately, YOU are at the greatest risk when something happens that cuts off your livelihood. Why? Because you feel it is just not that important given your high workload, heavy responsibilities and reduced free time. I call this flying without a net.


I talk to executives every month who say they lost all their contacts in their company computer and they don't even have a personal e-mail address, let alone connected through Linkedin or other social network vehicles; talk about adding months to a job search, let alone the reduced number of open positions for executives and other higher level occupations in the industry.

So what is the "take away" with all this? To get moving and begin to re-establish YOUR OWN identity separate from your corporation and job. The likelihood of being employed at one company your whole life is very slim, so begin thinking that way. Most importantly, START doing the things necessary to getting your identity back and protecting your own interests if you leave that job OR that job leaves you!

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