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Managers - 5 Ways to Help Underperformer’s

The best way to move someone you know is destined for greatness from a mediocre player to performance excellence is often easier than you think. Try these 5 ways as starters. They are proven methods you can tweak to your leader style.

  1. Begin by making sure this is the job they want. Ask them what they think is not working for them. Combine their answers with your observations and develop a strategy to assist using some of the following techniques, plus your already proven methods.
  2. Using the information you gathered, review the top performers on your team, and match the developmental needs with one of the team members. Send the person on a three day field trip to work in the other person’s territory. Set up the three days to include the developmental areas. At the conclusion of the three days invite both people to report the results based on the criteria you initially set up. What this does is provide leader development for the top performer, helps the person who needs the help realize the level of your commitment to his/her success and often delivers immediate improvement.
  3. Depending on the needs, invite product managers, customer service representatives, or marketing to work in the territory of the person who is struggling to be their best. I found that this works wonders when there is a disconnect between what goes on in the field and the home office. This increased awareness for both parties facilitates a better working relationship, greater understanding of what transpires in each department and a willingness to collaborate on “sticky issues.”
  4. Develop a mentor program and have that mentor work in the other person’s territory and make observations, suggestions and provide incentive for an on-going exchange. Include working in the person’s territory two days a month. Again this increases the leader potential of the mentor and demonstrates willingness and commitment to bring out the best.
  5. Increase your focus on the strengths of this person. See if there are other areas they can contribute and boost their confidence by helping them use their strengths to assist other team members. They may also have innovative ideas for better ways to do things that would make their job easier. By utilizing their strengths and giving them an opportunity to help others will increase their field effectiveness.

What other ways have you tried that work for you? I’d love to hear your successes!

By - Kathy Holdaway

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