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1.     Thou shalt not covet specific surgeons.  Too many reps get fixed on winning specific accounts/hospitals that they become emotionally attached. You hinge all of  your hopes and dreams on that…one…surgeon/hospital.  Here’s a tip: don’t. Think instead about your overall territory’s quality. “Build it will right and it will come”.

2.     Know the science behind your product and the disease state.  Many reps are “bullet proof” on their data but lack basic knowledge of the disease state.  It helps your credibility and you will certainly differentiate yourself from your peers.

3.     Slow down.  It is not necessary to tell your prospect everything on the first call.  It is really not that impressive and frankly, they are probably tuning you out.  It is a delicate balance between educating, informing and building a relationship.

4.     Every Sales rep thinks they’re special because they’re friendly, funny and charming.  Reality check?  You are not that special.  Get over yourself.  That is not going to separate you from the herd over the long term.

5.     Do not bad mouth the competition.  It is the first sign that you are an amateur.

6.     Your comfort zone is your biggest obstacle and objection.  In order to be widely successful, you have to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

7.     Real appointments with prospects take place within the next three weeks. Anything beyond that isn’t really a scheduled appointment.  It’s a hope.  Actually, hopeless.

8.     Tell the truth

9.     You are not in the catering business.

10.  Don’t take yourself so seriously but do take what you do VERY seriously.

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